Friday, August 7, 2015

Remembering Brandy Sarionder

The Times Colonist is reporting that Wayne Kalnciems retired from the exotic dancer industry the month before Brandy was killed. He was obviously forced out of the industry just like Brandy was forced out of her own club she had originally set up. I had Wayne mixed up with Waide. Waide Luciak was Brandy's business partner at the Granville strip not Wayne.

I just want to be very clear about that fact. When Brandy was found dead in her home a troll called into the newspaper pretending to be her friend and told the paper false information. They said she was depressed and broke because she was trying to start up a new club but couldn't find any investors. That was simply untrue. One of her real friends contacted me and confirmed that she was involved with the opening of the Granville Strip.

I put up posters asking for information about her murder outside her old strip club and outside her new one as well. I thought about asking people at her old club about her involvement with the new one but decided against it. I realized she would have had many loyal friends there still but they would have been scared into silence not wanting to lose their job under the new management. I thought about going to her new club and asking Waide himself but decided against it. I felt he would have been grieving the loss of his business partner and no doubt too scared for his own life to say anything.

Waide had no experience in that industry. He previously ran Jazz clubs. He needed someone with Brandy's experience to start his own strip bar. There was a troll review posted on a website that confirmed it. After I linked to it, the person took down the review. The one I saw was trashing the new club even though it admitted there was a huge line out front and they had to wait a long time to get in. Business was booming.

The fake troll review was trashing the new club saying the strippers were all old and recommended the Orange No. 5 instead which is run by the Hells Angels. That fake troll review admitted they were under the impression that the new club was indeed run by Brandy. After I posted that on my blog the fake troll review was taken down but it was there. I saw it.

I have a lot more to say about this case but for now I just wanted to make that point clear. The troll that called into the paper pretending to be Brandy's friend lied. She did find an investor and did open up a new club right before her untimely death. Gino Zumpano was her ex. Peace.

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