Friday, August 14, 2015

James Riach makes Bail

It appears that James Riach also known as the Gingerbread man has made bail in the Philippines. James Raich walked away from the car when Larry Amero was shot and Jonathon Bacon was killed. Haney Hells Angel President Michael Hadden's niece was tragically paralyzed in that shooting. More recently Hells Angels associate and Independent Soldier James Riach was arrested for drug trafficking in the Philippines with Barry Espadilla and Spike's other niece Tara Leanne Hadden-White. Tara has a child with Barry and was released without being charged.

I still can't get the James Riach articles on to load but there appears to be a great deal of controversy over the judge's decision. It appears that Canada isn't the only place where the public is concerned with bad judges. Right from the get go, people expressed concerns about corruption in the Philippines. That could be a large factor in this case.


  1. if he made bail one could expect him to leave the country asap, one way or the other

    1. I can't get the news stories to load so I'm not able to confirm exactly what's happening but I would assume if he just made bail, they would hold on to his passport. A friend of his claimed a judge had previously ordered him to be released but the police wouldn't do it. Drugs were seized in this case. People are worried about local corruption circumventing justice.

  2. Hey! Is there not some guy who avidly reads this forum (therefore supporting it) who knows James personally?

    Maybe he can shed some light onto what is happening?

    Who knows, maybe he could even help James escape. Now one would not want to use a powered boat (the Philippines is an island, after all, and James' passport was taken away so he cannot fly out) - that would draw too much attention.

    Perhaps they could use a sampan? It would draw a lot less attention from any authorities. (I am sure they do not cost that much and these guys probably do not have that much money by now, anyway, and sail that back to BC!)

    If the Vietnamese did that in the 1970's after the war to escape the communists and their oppression of the Vietnamese people, then why not Blaze and James?


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