Monday, August 31, 2015

Scientist suspended for expressing political opinion

Once again we have re entered the Twilight Zone. CBC is reporting that Tony Turner, a scientist with Environment Canada, has been suspended from his job and is being investigated because he wrote and performed a political song on Youtube called Harperman. Sounds like something Putin did not long ago. Firing someone for expressing their political opinion. That's not the same Canada I grew up in. MaCleans ran the story as well as The Guardian. This is the video and petition.


  1. Harper is way past his "use by" date. Too many years in power have made him arrogant and disdainful of political dissent. It appears term limits are not just a good idea down south, perhaps Canadians would benefit by them as well.

    People should be starting to wake up to the fact that people who want "a career in public service" are a double edged blade. On one hand it is of value to have folks with experience, but when it comes to corruption, inside deals, etc., experience is something we'd like to limit them at, and the only way to do that is limit their time at the feeding trough.


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