Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vancovuer teen dies of fentanyl overdose

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Jack Bodie, the 17-year-old boy who was clinging to life after a suspected fentanyl overdose has died. Vancouver Police said the teen, along with another 16-year-old boy, are believed to have bought and ingested fake OxyContin pills, known as “fake ’80s.” The pair passed out in Shelley Park in East Vancouver Saturday night after taking the drug. They were taken to B.C. Children’s Hospital.

The teen's parents told Global News that their "bombastic, charismatic" son was "full of life," with a bright future ahead. "He's not what we could consider, in our mind's eye, the typical overdose. He's a young man who took a pill and fell asleep on a park bench," said Mark Bodie, Jack's dad.


  1. Whatever folks want to say about it, weed is not going to kill you. Anything else, you are gambling with your life. Jack Bodie and his friend lost. Amelia and Hardy Leighton lost. Their 1 year old son really, really lost.

    I feel really bad for folks in BC that they live in a society that won't deal effectively with scum who are willing for people to die to put money in their own pockets. People talk about the "war on drugs". What a joke, If it was a real war on drugs it would already be largely over, with the occasional skirmish.

    I support the Singapore model for anyone involved in this fentanyl stuff.

  2. I was born in singapore. What they do. Works

  3. "A couple in their early 30s died in their North Vancouver home on July 20, while a 17-year-old boy and 31-year-old man each died separately last weekend.
    It's believed the victims either thought they were taking OxyContin, or using illegal drugs spiked with the fentanyl, said Jane Buxton, at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control."
    It's all about $$$. You can't trust that your weed is not doctored. Enjoy.

  4. My daughter died on the 31st of July from this Shit and whoever the POS are that dealing and manufacturing this garbage need to be put down.

    1. I'm sorry for your loss. We definitely need to do more then issue warnings about bad drugs on the street. Arresting the drug dealers selling the bad drugs is a must.

  5. fentanyl needs to stop!!! This February I lost my dear wife and my kids (3 and 5) lost their mother... I also know of 2 other victims deceased because of it. These warnings arent doing much at all, people simply forget about them. No street drug is safe anymore, ill only trust pot.


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