Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gas prices rise while oil prices drop

Market Watch posted an article running interference for the obvious dilemma: Why gas prices are rising as oil falls to 6-year lows. Gee I wonder. It's because Harper let the oil companies obtain a monopoly on the market then sold that monopoly to Communist China.

The Canadian oil companies are getting screwed over by that monopoly. The Canadian workers in the oil fields are getting screwed over by that monopoly. The Canadian consumers at the gas pumps are getting screwed over by that monopoly.

Years ago, the Rockefellers were using hostile takeovers to obtain a monopoly on the market through Standard oil, the US courts ruled it illegal citing anti trust laws. Now the dirty politicians call it good business as they line their pockets with political contributions. Corporate monopolies are good business because they screw over the consumers and destroy the free market. Welcome to Harper's Corporate Communism.

I noticed that Harpers attack adds have shifted from Justin Trudeau to Thomas Mulclair. They wouldn't have enough air time to put out commercials about Harpers corruption within his caucus.

A friend at work asked me if I saw Harper's trolls heckle the media for asking questions about the Duffy trial. I missed it but it certainly doesn't surprise me. When Harper has a press conference he tries to control what questions are asked. This time he had trolls heckle the media for asking him about the Duffy scandal which is in trial now. The media has every right to ask questions about it. This is another example of the propaganda machine that tries to control the press. Stephen Harper is no Preston Manning.


  1. part of the problem is Canada sends too much of its "raw" oil out of the country to be processed. We ought to keep our oil in Canada to be refined and be used in Canada. That way we would have a supply for almost forever. The money would also not be leaving Canada. However, our good Canadian P.M. thought it best if the Communist government of China and the Red Army of China controlled Canada. He permitted them to own Canadian companies and signed a trade deal we can not get out of for the first 15 yrs. Well we might be able to if we left Canada and joined the U.S.A..

  2. If Harper wins I will become a tinfoil nutjob knowing that Harper scammed the polls


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