Friday, August 7, 2015

Hells Angels share Stephen Harper's hotel

CBC is reporting that "Extra security precautions had to be taken for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and his family Thursday evening when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club rolled in to stay at the same east-end Toronto hotel. About 30 bikers wearing Hells Angels, Red Devils and Nomad patches arrived at the Scarborough hotel on Thursday afternoon. Many members of the groups remained outside by their Harley Davidson motorcycles into Friday morning."

Maybe Harper was just looking for another lawyer to appoint to the bench.


  1. Why worry ?? They were just getting ready for a "toy run".

  2. Hahahahaha,Stephen Harper is a Hells Angel,come on,fuck! Probably had a political meeting making sure there grow ops aren't legalized so they can still trade across the border! Legalizing would take alot of money out of their pockets! I don't believe it is coincidence , I always believed he had something to do with these guys,just my opinion, but hey here they are making headlines together. The meeting remark about legalization was a joke, but again, coincidence,IDK.


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