Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hells Angels lose appeal connected to Fort McMurray cocaine trade

The Edmonton journal is reporting that "Alberta’s top court has rejected the appeals of two Edmonton Hells Angels and convicted them of additional crimes connected to the cocaine trade in Fort McMurray. In one decision, the Court of Appeal of Alberta rejected the appeals of John Reginald Alcantara and Alan Peter Knapczyk, after their 2012 convictions for protecting the main cocaine dealer in Fort Mac from competitors and theft."

They were once again using the name and reputation of the club to protect drug dealers from rivals. This is the same pattern that has repeated itself across the country. In Winnipeg the Hells Angels were protecting the Zig Zag crew (who sold crack for the Hells Angels) from rival drug dealers. Just like they enforce for the crack dealers outside the Front Room in Surrey.


  1. What does 51 stand for, i have never heard of it. 41 Devils army but 51,wtf.

    1. 51 is for EA as in Edmonton (Hells) Angels.

    2. Another clubhouse that should be seized under proceeds of crime.

  2. The Hells Angels clubhouse in Trois-Rivières was destroyed last month. No Canadian flags ever flew over that bunker I'd wager.

  3. Went to a place the other day called EM T Town out in Alder Flats by Drayton Valley. A campground and a old west town created by the original owner back in the 80's. But anyway I was sitting outside the saloon and this car pulls up and I noticed 3 bikers come out and a woman. One was wearing a full patch HA vest with a Westridge bottom rocker and the other two were prospects because they were not full patch and just had the bottom rockers. The woman was wearing a support Westridge T shirt. Just found it odd they would be at a place like that because it is in the middle of nowhere and nothing but farms around there and oil wells etc.


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