Saturday, August 22, 2015

Margaret Atwood's Hairgate

Margaret Atwood ran an amusing editorial in the National Post mocking Stephen Harper's attack adds on Justine Trudeau which seem to focus on an obsession with his hair. The controversy arises in how much the National Post ended up editing her article. The editing doesn't seem to be too extreme and has me wondering if it ties in with the subject of SLAPP law suits. Newspapers don't like to waste money on lawsuits. Perhaps they were simply covering their ass so to speak.

In her article she asks: Let’s try this hair quiz:

Of the three national male leaders, which one travels with a personal grooming assistant -lavishly paid for in whole or in part by you, gentle taxpayer—so that none of his hairs will ever be out of place, supposing they are indeed his and not a wig, as some have supposed? (Hint: Initials are S.H.) Which leader, on the other hand, doesn’t need such an assistant because his hair is “nice” enough already? (Hint: initials are J.T.) And which one wouldn’t know what a personal grooming assistant was if he fell over one? (Hint: Initials are T.M.)


  1. Margaret Atwood is a serious piece of work ...

    She has her own sinister agenda that, surprisingly enough, ties in directly with the ideology of Justin Trudeau, his late father, their party and the NDP as well as the rest of the "politically correct" (small "L") liberal "elite". The same "elite" who are instrumental in ensuring draconian gun laws are enacted and stay enacted, the murder of innocent children became and remains a "right" in Canada among among many others.

    Others that are tied directly to the breakdown of society and why drug use is so accepted and prevalent as well as why drug dealing and the "thug" lifestyle (one needs or research the origin of the word 'thugee' from India, by the way, to truly appreciate how deranged these people are for following that lifestyle - while I fully realize that term has been predominantly used by Black gangs in the USA, the same ideology permeates these predominantly White drug gangs as well) is not only so accepted but especially why it is so promoted by the various arms of the media.

    1. I think the key thing is that people are allowed to have and express different political opinions. The concern arises when any group censors the other and prevents those opinions from being expressed.

      Personally, I think Justin is a clown but Atwood has every right to support him. His father gave us the Charter of Rights which is a sacred document that protects civil liberty. They claimed his father was a communist yet Stephen Harper is more of a communist than Pierre simply because Pierre protected civil liberty while Harper destroyed it.

      I think Harper is pimping the gun control issue just like the abortion issue while he throws away every other conservative value in recorded history. Harper has introduced mandatory minimum jail sentences for the possession of a firearm. Not for the use of a firearm to commit a crime but in the simple possession of a firearm. That is a far worse form of gun control then the Liberals or the NDP ever conceived of.

    2. They both voted in bill-c51. The level of surveillance that is available to these agencies without a warrant makes east Germany's stazi look positively amateur by comparison...but hey,just say the magic word and the sheep's bleat in ascension...even if you are talking ng rights away from a founding document and handing them to a secret policing them? Better hope you do,cause they now have the ability to breach that trust and completely cover it up. Sure that won't ever happen here though,right? Not like virtually every other state that has granted these kind of powers to its domestic spies...magic word starts with t...

  2. Stephen Harper wears a wig? What harm could come from uttering those words?.....Hang on.....Someone is knocking at the front door........

  3. Sorry, the comment from Gordon Edmund Whitehead eclipses the article itself:
    I usually refer to Stephen Harper as "Helmet Head" because there's something very unnatural about that immovable, metallic-looking covering atop his head, isn't there? Is it hair? I strongly suspect it's not. It looks like pewter to me. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that it originated as some Medieval peasant's trencher before being beaten into a rough head shape by a blacksmith in some obscure backwoods forge. Laureen may well have found it when rummaging through cast-off headgear in search of something to wear when riding her Harley-Davidson. In any event, I don't believe the person Harper drags around with him is a hairdresser. I think the guy is a pewter polisher. They're hard to find these days and you have to pay them top dollar."


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