Friday, August 14, 2015

Civil Liberty Association Gagged

News 1130 is reporting that "The BC Civil Liberties Association says it has been barred from saying anything about testimony at a secret hearing in Vancouver looking into whether or not Canadians were illegally spied upon by CSIS. It filed a complaint with the Security Intelligence Review Committee, claiming CSIS agents unlawfully gathered information on community groups opposed to the Northern Gateway Project." We're not allowed to talk about CSIS warantless spying on civilians for their political affiliation. The Charter of Rights takes yet another hit in our Brave New World without civil liberty. God help us.


  1. welcome to stevie harper and his cons version of Canadian democracy. Expect it to get a lot worse if the Con and his gang are re elected.

    1. Well said, GANG is appropiate word for Stevie,lol! I have been ilegally violated by RCMP and CSFEU in every way a canadian citizen can possibly be violated! There is no such thing as RIGHTS in this country and i am sad to be a canadian citizen! Nothing like cops in your house when you are not home,too bad they think they are smarter than your average citizen,hahaha, there will always be someone smarter than you! I could only imagine what CSIS is capable of! People who dont know what is happening in their country are better off!!!


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