Saturday, January 22, 2022

Doctors on Tour in Langley BC

Tonight I attended the Doctors on Tour presentation in Langley. It was very informative but it was also very personal and heartfelt. You can rewind and fast forward through their livestream.

Dr Elizabeth Bastian began speaking at 43:00 in the video. Dr Stephen Malthouse began speaking at 50:10 in the video. Dr Ana Kindy began speaking at 1:02:52 in the video. Dr Rachael Murray began speaking at 1:18:20 in the video. Dr Charles Hoffe began speaking at 1:36:08 in the video. Questions began at 1:58:22. When Youtube takes this down, we'll repost it on Rumble.

I recognized Dr Stephen Malthouse from the Canada Health Alliance video and Dr Charles Hoffe from the Heroes no Longer video. It was inspiring to hear them speak in person. Looks like they are brining back the old school town hall meetings. I admire all of their courage in the face of adversity. They all face persecution for speaking the truth. In Ontario 40 doctors are being investigated for exposing flaws in the narrative. It's nice to see Canadians with moral integrity.

I spoke with a young man in attendance before the presentation. He said he saw Global's coverage of the truckers convoy to Ottawa. Global said the truckers were protesting road conditions not vaccine mandates. That is ridiculous. When you see what Global does and does not report we can all see how Postmedia News has completely destroyed their credibility.

These Doctors on Tour are educated professionals who genuinely care about people and the country. They are speaking the truth in the face of great opposition for no financial gain. Donating to their cause to help promote their tour is the right thing to do.

We have seen that the FDA does not test the vaccines they rely on the pharmaceutical companies data then set up a VAERS to keep track of adverse reactions. Dr Hoffe pointed out that VAERS is for the US. Canada does not have a functioning adverse reaction recording system in place. He said he submitted 14 adverse reactions and they all came back saying oh that couldn't be from the vaccine. We have also seen how the pharmaceutical companies misrepresented their data to the FDA. Canada Health Alliance put out a video with supporting documents about how the pharmaceutical companies misrepresented their data on testing.

Dr Kindy pointed out that even though some of the adverse reactions to the vaccine are severe and can be fatal, they are still relatively rare. Over 90% of BC has already been vaccinated. She wanted to dissipate the fear on both sides. When you honestly examine the correct data, the vaccines are more harmful than Covid especially for youth. Yet Dr Hoffe reiterated that the Covid RNA vaccines don't stay in your arm like other vaccines. He said the spike proteins from the vaccine enter every organ of the body including the brain. That's not a good thing. Yet that is the real science. They also explained how to detox from the vaccine.

HART Group: Latest evidence on covid increasing after vaccination
Doctors on Tour Roadshow Schedule - CHA Roadshow Brochure

Saturday 22nd January • Vancouver Freedom Rally

Saturday 22nd January • 7pm Langley

Sunday 23rd January • 7pm 100 Mile House

Monday 24th January • 6pm Prince George

Tuesday 25th January • 7pm Terrace

Wednesday 26th January • 11am Terrace

Wednesday 26th January • 7pm Smithers

Thursday 27th January • 7pm Quesnel

Friday 28th January • 7pm Kamloops


  1. The fallacy of Vaccine Passports .....

    * I can get Covid ... and not tell anyone .....

    * While having Covid; i can get into a restaurant, or a concert, or a sporting event, etc ... and spread Covid to everyone there ... because i have a Vaccine Passport .....

    * A Vaccine Passport is a license to infect - because enough data has now been collected - and it's now clear; the Vaccines do not prevent Covid .....

    So you phucking idiots that support Vaccines Passport need your phucking heads examined.


    America is leading the fight on this side of the pond.

    1. What does that mean other side of the pond? I hear it often but there is no water between Canada and the US. Unless they're referring to the Great Lakes perhaps.

    2. Continental Americas vs Continental Europe

    3. Sorry, you said this side of the pond. I thought you said other side of the pond.


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