Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Rodger Kotanko Family Has Launched A Wrongful Death Suit Against Toronto Police

Norfolk today is reporitng that "The family of Rodger Kotanko has launched a wrongful death suit against Toronto Police In a civil suit filed against Toronto police, the family alleges police unlawfully executed a search warrant and used excessive force when they shot and killed the 70-year-old on November 3rd." Let's see if they produce the subpoena now.

The Toronto police officer who shot gunsmith Rodger Kotanko nearly a month ago won't talk to Ontario's police watchdog. Let's see if he talks to a judge. This is not an attack on law enforcement. Roger had a great relationship with the Norfolk OPP. The Toronto PD broke the law and committed murder. That needs to be dealt with.


  1. This guy raises good points



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