Sunday, January 30, 2022

Jagmeet Singh's Offensive Lie

While we wait to see the speeches delivered at the Ottawa Rally posted online, I want to address Jagmeet Singh's offensive lie. We all know the media's malicious misrepresentation of the trucker's Freedom Convoy has been ridiculous just like their misrepresentation of the recent massive rally in Washington. That's why I wanted to post videos from first hand witnesses so people can see for themselves what really happened and what was really said.

Someone just posted a link to a Tweet from convoytooattawa2022 showing how to spot someone planted within the convoy. They hide their face and look like ANTIFA while everyone else is smiling maskless. However, when I scrolled up I saw that it was replying to this really offensive tweet from Jagmeet Singh and want to address it. It is a really ofensive lie.

He equates the Freedom convoy with white supremacy and with terrorists who would bomb a Mosque. That is so ridiculous it is really offensive. That statement is racism and we need to rise above it. That is something ANTIFA would say. You know, the ones who built the Berlin wall to keep the Western Fascists out. The same Western Fascists who fought Hitler in the trenches.

It is reminiscent of the ANTIFA scum who were screaming at a little old lady with a walker preventing her from crossing a street yelling Nazi scum get off the street. Her husband fought the Nazi's in the war. The Communists claim everyone who disagrees with them is a fascist and that is exactly what Jagmeet Singh is now doing. He is the racist just like Communist China is.

It is no secret that Jagmeet Singh actively opposes the values of the Sikh Temple. He supports gender based abortion. I'm not sure how killing all your women is promoting woman's rights. If you kill all your women, in one generation who are your sons going to marry? Jagmeet Singh is a fake feminist just like Justin Trudeau. Leslyn Lewis is not.

Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize all drugs. The Sikh Temple does not.

Rebel News has a reporter covering the convoy that is Muslim.

Many of the truckers who left Vancouver on the Convoy are Indo Canadian. Jagmeet Singh's own brother in law donated to their cause. This truckers convoy in Canada is exactly like the Farmer's protest in India and Jagmeet Singh is opposing it with offensive lies.

I have spoken at great lengths how wonderful my Muslim neighbors are. Their kids are adorable. I support immigration because diversity makes us strong. I also support the truckers convoy for the same reason. This is a united movement that promotes freedom for everyone. It's about freedom in the face of oppression. That is what this is about and Jagmeet Singh is on the wrong side.
I will also say a word about false flags. There is not a snowball's chance in hell anyone from the Freedom convoy or any of it's supporters vandalized a Terry Fox statue. That was a false flag. No one in the movement had a reason to deface the statue. The only ones who had a motive to vandalize the statue are the Communists calling the Freedom convoy Fascists. When Conrad Black started buying up all the media outlets, the media became biased. When the Communist Party of China bought Disney and Conrad Black's media empire it became ridiculous.

Putting a fag on the stature like a cape is not defacing it. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero just like these truckers. The flag upside down is a distress symbol. It is a cry for help because our liberty is being stolen from us. "For hundreds of years, inverted flags have been harnessed as a signal of distress. Hoisting the ensign upside-down was also a potentially covert way in which sailors might share that their ship had been taken by hostile forces and was being manoeuvred nefariously." That is exactly what's happened to our country during Covid.

If someone had defaced a statue of John A MacDonald and tore it down, the fake news would be applauding it. Their hypocrisy is absurd. They are promoting lies to remove our civil liberty.

As Ezra Levant points out, CSIS founded and funded the Heritage Front.

One of the Communist news outlets erroneously claimed that the truckers were dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier. That is an offensive lie. All of the truckers and all of the supporters support our war heroes. That is why we are here. To support the freedom they died for. Though poppies grow in Flanders Field. We're from the west side. West side of the wall. The Berlin Wall.

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COVID Deaths 5 Times Higher In Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated in India

Looks like the Calgary mayor needs to listen to his own constituents. Rebel News confirms that social media reports of a trucker crashing into barricades in Ottawa are untrue - False.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if legitimate investigations were to start taking place regarding the collusion of undermining our Canadian democratic processes and its institutions by world groups such as the WEF, WHO, UN, CFR, Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Comission etc etc.

    When Klaus Schwab is openly bragging about his direct influence over a sitting Canadian PM and over half of his cabinet ministers that should spawn fury over this nation. We will only ever get what we put up with, so let's quit putting up with this globalist agenda BS.

    Nothing wrong with being a cooperative nation amongst the world but when our elected officials are purely acting as agents on behalf of a higher global power things need to be exposed and a cleansing needs to occur.

    1. Unfortunately ... the ruling elite have 99% of the population dumbed-down to generally only knowing who the top NHL, NFL, or NBA stars are ..... give them their Bread & Circuses; it's a formula the ruling elite have been using for the past couple thousand years or so to great effect ..... so, investigating something 99.5% of the population doesn't even know about - wont accomplish anything ..... it's really up to citizen journalists and the alt. media to spread the truth/knowledge at this point .....

  2. Jagmeet is a graduate student of the Klaus Schwab/WEF Young Leaders program ......

    ..... so, of course Jagmeet is opposed to Freedom & Liberty, because; the implementation of the Schwab/WEF doctrine of a bio-medical technocracy security state requires the elimination of personal freedom & liberty.

  3. When the herd sees the cattle gaurd being breached they tend to follow suit.

    These truckers have crossed the cattle gaurd!

    Those that know how the "elite" operate can preach doom all week long, myself included, but when momentum is gaining you roll with it. Tipping points are unpredictable occurrences, sometimes leading to incredible changes.

    Let's keep sending positive thoughts and keep the wolves at bay.

    No biological attacks, no false flag explosions!

  4. Good news, Bad news.

    First the Good. In the end, this Globalist BS that our self appointed "elites" (small e) have decided is out future will not survive in the end.

    The Bad? They are going to cause a LOT of damage trying. You think you need weapons to kill millions, in the age of interconnected global shipping, all that has to happen is that those same trucks can't roll up to Super Store every day. 3 days and there will be nothing you can eat on the shelves. The last 2 years and even where we are now are just a "word to the wise", AKA a "sneak preview". The attempted Chinese Virus Power Grab is fizzling out and they only have 1 card left in their hand. They won't even have to start the war, the usual power mad nationalist dictator will do it for them, we even have 2 to choose from and some religious crazy's too, just for variety! After the Closing Ceremonies, all bets are off!


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