Saturday, January 8, 2022

New False Flag in Colombia and the False Positives

Colombia Reports is reporting that "Three police officers were seriously injured in a bomb attack in the city of Cali that was claimed by guerrilla group ELN. The attack on the vehicle took place in the southeast of Colombia’s third largest city on Friday evening. The ELN published a press statement online in which the guerrillas Urban War Front claimed responsibility for the explosives attack on Saturday." I have a few points to make.

Every crime has a motive. Why would a terrorist organization strike right before an election when they are leading in the polls? They wouldn't. This was yet another false flag attack. The only motive for the attack is the opposition who are trailing in the polls to get support.

The ELN pretty much took over after FARC was disbanded through negotiations and disarmament. FARC were leftists funded by Wall Street. After FARC was disarmed, Wall street needed to create a new boogieman. Wall Street funding a Communist paramilitary organization relates to our current conflict with the fake news over Omicron.

I don't care who the people of Colombia elect to represent them. That is their choice. I caution them to avoid the same mistake France made after Nicolas Sarkozy was exposed. Sarkozy was a dirty dog who was involved with a terrorist attack in Pakistan and screwed over Gaddafi in Libya. After he was defeated they elected a Socialist. They went from one extreme to the other. They went out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak. Yet record amounts of cocaine are being produced in Colombia. Kinda make you wonder what's really going on there.

It is a bit concerning how Latin America can be so easily conned by Communists. There is no freedom of religion in Communism. There is no freedom for anyone in Communism. Communism uses lies and deceit to enslave people and take their freedom away. AOC is, as Curtis Sliwa declares, All Out Crazy and clearly a lying hypocrite as well. Yet there is good and evil in every society and no lie can live forever. Communism is an empire of lies. We need to remember that false flag attacks do happen and that the end does not justify the means.

Gustavo Petro was a member of a paramilitary organization when he was young. At that time it was like Ireland. If you supported your country, you joined a paramilitary just like volunteering for WWI or WWll. Gustavo was not a member of FARC, he was a member of M-19 not to be confused with MS-13 which was completely different. I don't have a problem with him.

"The ideology of the M-19 was nationalism, but its main aim was to open up democracy in Colombia. The group later evolved into the Alianza Democrática M-19, a political party in which Petro participated as a member of the national congress in the 1990s."

The term nationalism is usually used to describe fascism but as Candace Owens points out, there is nothing wrong with nationalism - being proud of your country and heritage. They said Nelson Mandela was both a Nationalist and a Communist. Well which was it? He protected civil liberty by law in the South African constitution. That is the opposite of Justin Trudeau and the Chinese Communist Party. They abolish civil liberty and turn everyone into slaves of the State.

This recent false flag attack in Colombia reminds us of the false positive scandal the former president of Colombia was involved with where they murdered civilians and dressed them up as FARC to falsify their success against terrorists. That deplorable act constitutes organized crime.

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