Saturday, January 22, 2022

Vancouver Freedom Rally

I went to the Freedom Rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery today. There was one in Kelowna too. There was a lot of people there but Postmedia News was nowhere to be found. Drea Humphrey from Rebel News was there. I spoke with her at 3:18:29 in her livestream.

Druthers had a booth set up and I said it was so nice to come to a rally in Vancouver and not get handed a copy of the Marxist Leninist Weekly. There were lots of food trucks on site as well. spoke and had a booth on site. I saw Dan Dicks in the crowd but I didn't see him filming. He was waiting for the Doctors on Tour to speak. I left before they were up. Dan Dicks filmed the march and the doctors came on at 1:06:53.
A coworker told me about the rally but I also ran into another coworker there. They said Hi and I was like Oh, Hi. Then I thought to myself, you're here. I had no idea. I know a few people I can speak with at work but usually keep my head down and my mouth shut because I don't want to get into debates at work. Most people just like to argue whether they're right or wrong.

She told me who else at work was supportive of the cause and I was shocked. She said she had tried to post flyers about the rally at work but they wouldn't let her because it was political. It's just so nice to see so many people waking up. She was double vaxxed and has had enough. That's the problem with vaccine passports. If you stop taking the boosters they can take your vaccine passport away. Many doctors say that too many boosters can cause immune system fatigue.
I am so tired of people saying they beleive the science when they don't. They don't know anything about the science. Drea Humphries was interviewing the father of that four year old with cancer that was kicked out of Ronald McDonald house for not being vaccinated. He's from Kelowna.

I said I had heard Ronald McDonald house had reversed their position. He said he heard something to that effect but they were kicked out and went to the Easter Seals. He said they didn't have as much funding so it's more out of pocket but the GoFundMe page really helped. Drea said GoFundMe and private donations helped keep Rebel News alive after YouTube and PayPal cut them off. The crowd was very supportive of the truckers convoy to Ottawa and the GoFundMe page had raised a considerable amount to hep them complete their journey.
Many people were very articulate about their feelings for Bonnie Henry and Justin Trudeau.
Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson gave another rousing speech.
The website simply links to a copy of the Charter of Rights.
Dr Alan Mordue states that "a confirmed case is someone presenting with symptoms of the disease in question with a positive test identifying the presence of the infectious agent. Either symptoms or a positive test alone is insufficient, both must be present to be counted as a confirmed case. It follows that there is no such thing as an asymptomatic case."
There are a lot of attractive women out there that have a brain and know how to use it.


  1. Kudos on your coverage! Well done.

    Someone needs to start a "Flush da Turd" clothing and cheap apparel line.
    Hats, hoodies and T shirts. Stickers too.
    This fraud needs to go!

    1. Thanks. I like the hoodies. I bet Vern from Aldergrove did those. I also recommend Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson's Fear is the Virus T-Shirts:

  2. I am sure they are all good and mean well, BUT we need INSULT. You don't do this to a civilization and expect us to fight back with politeness. BE VULGAR!

    TURDEAU can no longer plead ignorance or plausible deniability. He has publicly been made aware of truths that are in absolute
    contravention of his "oath of office."

  3. True-dough (all about the money) the Younger is in contravention of more than his oath , which meant nothing to him anyway. He's in contravention of his duty as a fucking human being, especially where he is in a position of supposed leadership and responsibility to them. Him, Fauchi, the President of Pfizer...every single one of these little authority freaks whose actions killed thousands and ruined millions.

  4. Keep up the great work!! Freedom is easily surrendered when no one stands up to defend it


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