Thursday, January 27, 2022

Police incident in Surrey

Update: The question is, why was a grenade left in a park on 102nd?

104th Avenue in Surrey is blocked off at 148th Street due to a police incident. Seemingly someone brought a grenade into the cop shop on the corner. I don't know if it was real. Someone else seemingly said someone threw the hand grenade into the cop shop. That is unconfirmed. If it is true then obviously the pin was still in it because none to my knowledge reported hearing an explosion which would imply that it wasn't real. Why would you throw a real grenade into a cop shop and not pull the pin? Unless they found it and wanted to turn it in without being named. Yet there are cameras everywhere around there.

OK so the police said on Twitter it was brought in by a concerned member of the public. So why close 104th down??? Even if it detonated, it wouldn't come close to 104th and why would it detonate if a concerned citizen brought it in? Nobody is going to pull the pin out.

Although the concerned citizen meant well, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. I've sometimes wondered how I would return an illegal firearm I encountered. My first thought would be to do exactly what this concerned citizen did and bring it to the cop shop. Yet when you think about it, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. As soon and you walk into the cop shop and tell them you'd like to turn in a gun, they will sh*t their pants and overreact.

It's probably smarter to call the police and let them come to the firearm. They're going to overreact no matter what you do but when you think about it, bringing it to the police station would be the illegal transportation of a firearm. If it's your handgun and it's registered you can only take it from your home to the gun range and back again. No side trips in between. If you bring someone else's unregistered illegal firearm to the cop shop that would be the illegal transportation of a prohibited weapon. A grenade would be worse.

I remember one time I was driving my daughter home late at night after her work. Right before I turn into my complex a female cop jumps out and puts her gun in my face screaming I can't go in there. My daughter was in the car. I said I live there. She said there's a police incident and I'm not allowed in. I was skeptical and said what police incident? She was panicking and said there has been the report of a gun. I said what, the screamer? I know them, let me talk to them. She would not let me and we had to wait it out. I told her you've gotta calm down and point your firearm in a safe direction. Her panic is going to get someone hurt. It was shall we say, unprofessional.

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  1. There's some Real Police™ in Canada, but the overall level of things is just pathetic. The whole culture is rotten, and the RCMP is at the root of it all, always has been.


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