Monday, July 31, 2017

Solicitor General vows to tackle gang violence

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "B.C.’s new Solicitor General wants to review the province’s anti-gang programs to see if changes are needed to more effectively battle brazen gun violence. Mike Farnworth, the NDP’s longtime critic of the public safety portfolio, said the public is understandably concerned by the ongoing violence.'

"He plans to sit down with police and look at the programs we have got in place. Are they doing what we hoped they would do? Can we make them better?” OMG. Are they doing what we hoped? NO!. Can we do better? YES!

Let's go back to the Crime Prevention meeting Mike Farnworth hosted along with Bruce Ralston in Surrey on June 12 2008. Nothing has changed. The problems and concerns the tax paying residents and business owners expressed then have fallen on deaf ears and the police and city hall have done the exact opposite which has created a colossal problem that is out of control.

Personally I believe Mike Farnworth is genuine and sincere. I just don't think he has the balls to fix the problem like he promised back in 2008. At that meeting he said he was there to listen to the concerns of the local residents in Surrey. I was there. I heard what the residents said. The concern then is the same concern now - open drug use on the Surrey strip and the resulting crime that creates. Businesses can't function because the addicts are robbing them blind forcing them to leave Surrey. Clearly the modified slogan is true. In Whalley, the Future Dies Here.

At that meeting the residents of Surrey said they don't want a safe injection site in Surrey. Someone who said he was an ex con and ex junkie spoke stating he had been clean for 15 years. He said rehab is possible. He said the best treatment for a crack addict is to lock him up for 90 days in prison. One bar owner expressed his concern about the inequity of the law. He objected to the police driving by people smoking crack in his neighborhood and said that if someone lights up a cigarette outside his bar that person can be fined $2,000.00 and that fine can be enforceable. He said the inequity of the law is absurd.

Citing the inequity of the law, that same bar owner objecting to criminals running free and the police driving by people smoking crack in his neighborhood asked why am I the one with bars on my windows in my home? Mike Farnworth had to agree with the man's concerns shook his head and cited a quote from Charles Dickens and said "the law is an ass."

The new article in today's Vancouver Province stated "Postmedia News recently reported the challenges B.C. prosecutors have faced in getting the Hells Angels designated a criminal organization in court." Yeah we saw that. It was utterly ridiculous. Why in God's name should we chase all the Hells Angels that don't sell drugs when we refuse to go after the Hells Angels that do sell drugs? The police are watching the drugs that are coming out of Shakerz supplying the Lookout and Front Room yet they refuse to lift a finger to stop it.

Not only that but they have gone to the other extreme and are providing police protection to the drug dealers on the Surrey strip that work for the Hells Angels. It is obscene.

Postmedia News is a Corporate Monopoly. Almost all the newspapers in Western Canada are owned by the same entity. That's why they got rid of the Surrey Leader with one sweep of the pen. Corporate monopolies eliminate all competition and destroy the free market.

The article in today's Vancouver Province was written by Kim Bolan who works for the Vancouver Sun. Now those two newspapers are no longer different they are one in the same. They are clones of each other all controled by Peter Leask ass kisser Harold Monro. Wayne Moriarty would have been a much better choice.

Postmedia News is a corporate monopoly. Their primary source of revenue is corporate advertising. That is why they are selling the pharmaceutical fraud instead of confronting it.

Larry Campbell is an anti Christ pimping the pharmaceutical fruad. He is the one that tricked us into adopting the Four Pillars program in the DTES. The Four Pillars Program consists of four pillars not one - Enforcement, Treatment, Prevention and Harm reduction. Harm reduction is the small component of the program. Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention are the main components of the program. Enforcing the law and getting addicts into treatment are crucial.

As soon as Larry Campbell tricked us into adapting that program in East Vancouver political extremists tied to organized crime and the pharmaceutical fraud threw away the main components of the program and sent us down the toilet on a one legged horse emphasizing harm reduction without enforcement or treatment which has become harm promotion and has compounded the problem a hundred fold.

Inspector John McKay told
us what the failure of the lethal injection site in East Vancouver was. As soon as they put the lethal injection site in the police stopped enforcing the law and started letting drug dealers sell crack and crystal meth along with heroin. The police stopped enforcing the law. That has created a forest fire of lawlessness that is killing businesses in Whalley. This is not the New York model. This is not even the Four Pillars program. This is not compassion or social justice because it is hurting everyone including addicts. This is burning tax dollars promoting the pharmaceutical fraud. It is evil. Why reward drug dealers for selling fentanyl?

Treatment saved Kati. Lethal injection sites and Harm promotion did not.


  1. Yes, open drug use. Now that open drug use will be legal across Canada - you can thank the Liberals (and the liberals) - it will be next to impossible to enforce and police and prosecutors will be even less willing to do anything.

    Unless this Farnsworth demands the prosecutors do their job and prosecute to the full extent of the law - the drug dealers will continue to laugh all the way to their business investments.

    Speaking of which, unless BC is willing to severely curb the economy nothing will change. Money and investments from organized is a LOT larger than anyone thinks (or is willing to admit!).

    1. Legalizing pot is completely different than legalizing crack or crystal meth. I have no problem with them using pot to help them get off crack. Legalizing crack and fentanyl is completely socially irresponsible.

      Enforcing the law is the key component of the Four Pillars program they have completely abandoned. Its not just the prosecutors that have to do their job it's the police too. When the police refuse to enforce the law and provide drug dealers police protection, our society will go straight to hell in a hand cart.

    2. B.C."s problem: shortage of everything in the court system which includes court houses (el gordo closed them when he came into office back in the early 2000s to save money); shortage of prosecutors because the B.C. Lieberals were too busy handing out money to the pay to play crowd; aren't enough judges because while Harper was in office he didn't appoint enough and Trudeau has appointed a few but not nearly enough. Shortage of sheriffs to transport prisoners and provide protection in court rooms.

      As it stands/sits in B.C. right now and in other parts of the country murderers and rapists are walking free because they don't get their trials in a timely manner so in the food chain of criminal prosecutions, drug dealers are a tad lower when it comes to prosecution. All of this may have been O>K> with the citizens of B.C. because they kept voting for the B.C. Lieberals. The average voter doesn't care about these problems until their kids dies, their kid gets sucked into this life or it takes up residence next door and devalues their property.

      Just look at the drug houses in Surrey. Have they been closed down? Not so much. In Nanaimo the council simply declared the house a nuseaunce property and that started to be the end of the problems. If a house is deemed to be a
      nuseance, they get charged for all calls for police, ambulances, ets. if the owners doesn't pay up, loose house. Has Surrey done this? NO. Vancouver never did much about the Balmoral either.

    3. BC's problem is Harm promotion.

  2. In 2008 Farnsworth wasn't the solicitor general. he was the critic. makes a big difference. he could work as hard as he wanted but if the government of the day wasn't prepared to do anything, nothing was going to happen.

    Farnsworth will also be up against the mayor of Surrey, who in my opinion is quite happy with the way things have been going. if she wasn't we would have 1. heard about it. 2. things might have changed.

    this is all about money in terms of land value. this keeps the problem in on area so land values don't go down in other areas.

    Will Farnsworth be able to do anything? Yes in part because he is in the position he is in and can authorize more health care for rehab, more housing for vunerable people, more mental health workers, etc. Now to get the RCMP to do their job, is a whole other thing. for that he may have to get rid of them and that will cost real money which municipalities may not want to pay out and a provincial police force will cost more than a few dollars. Personally I just think the RCMP aren't that into it. They don't care that much. The officers have so many issues internally they don't do their jobs they report to Ottawa, they are paid by Ottawa, Ottawa determines their promotions, their moves, etc. All is Ottawa. The province is nothing.

    1. It is true that Fansworth is in a much better position to do something as Solicitor general than as Justice critic. Surrey is the first place in Canada to get a lethal injection site where people can smoke crack and crystal meth. That is the exact opposite of what the residents and business owners of Surrey told him they wanted in 2008. It is the root of the problem.

      Motorcycle World has video footage of a crack addict breaking their front window and removing two of the bars on the window to steal $7,000 worth of merchandise right after they smoked crack in the city's new lethal injection site. Enforcement is gone and lawlessness is the result. Businesses are dying and are moving out. That is bad for business which is bad for Surrey.


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