Sunday, July 16, 2017

Civil Liberty under attack

This blog supports civil liberty as defined in the US Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and the Irish Proclamation. These documents define a free republic. As I repeatedly point out, these rights and freedoms are under constant attack not from terrorists or foreign threats but by domestic attacks from enemies within.

The Aging Rebel continues to cover the court case where the US Government persistently files appeal after appeal trying to tear up the Constitution and remove the freedom of association by seizing the Mongol patch and by banning the MC movement altogether.

As I repeatedly have said, committing crime and belonging to a criminal organization is not a Charter Right. However, the freedom of association is. Creating laws that ban civl liberty for suspected terrorists is problematic because as soon as the government does that, they then label anyone that opposes them as a suspected terrorist denying them legal representation and the right to a fair trial. Spying on citizens without a warrant not for criminal activity but for their political affiliations is another example of how civl liberty is under attack from domestic threats not foreign.

When this blog first started it had two founding premises. The first was that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and the second was like unto it. That the CIA is also a criminal organization. In process of time I have amended my first premise.

Kerri Krysko stated that the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization, they are an organization of criminals. She said many members of the Hells Angels are in fact criminals but many more are not. This is true. George Christie stepped up to the plate and said the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization because the members who are involved in criminal activity are stingy and don't share the proceeds of crime with the other members. That is believable.

Consequently, I have amended my original position. In Canada the Hells Angels are without question directly involved in criminal activity as illustrated in Julian Sher's book the Road to Hell.

However, David Giles was caught on wire stating that not all members of the Hells Angels are involved in criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity must have that activity approved by the local executive. The Kelowna chapter was consumed in criminal activity. That clubhouse should be seized. The Nanaimo chapter was not. That clubhouse should be returned. The courts need to decide the fate of the East Vancouver clubhouse.

There are tons of members of the Hells Angles in Maple Ridge. Most of them are not involved in criminal activity. To claim that there are would be dishonest. Likewise, banning the MC movement in the United States and seizing the Mongol patch is an attack on the Constitution. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that the ATF and the CIA are the biggest drug traffickers on the planet. Gary Webb was right. Iran Contra never stopped. That is what needs to be addressed. Tearing up the Constitution and removing civl liberty does not solve the problem it compounds it.

Justin Trudeau made some powerful statements about the Omar Khadr settlement. “When governments violate Canadians’ fundamental rights, there have to be consequences and we hope that the message going forward to all future governments is: you can not ignore or be complicit in the violation of Canadians fundamental rights, regardless of what they did.”

This is true and it forces us to deal with our complacency in confronting Guantanamo Bay and the CIA black prison sites where prisoners are tortured and denied the right to legal representation and a fair trial. Initially the CIA created these black prison sites that knowingly violated the Constitution by claiming that they're not on American soil so the Constitution does not apply. The Canadian, Australian and British courts have disagreed. That makes us all culpable in the continuation of these black prison sites.

However, one has to ask why is Justin Trudeau supporting civil liberty now when he voted with the Harper government to remove it? Why did Justin Trudeau campaign against Bill C-51 only to create a new one expanding the powers of the Canadian secret service? It's all conflicted so it is.

Seizing Patches

Just to clarify, Seizing the proceeds of crime is very different than seizing an entire MC's patch. Even in Canada where the Hells Angels have a long documented history of drug trafficking, seizing their patch would be over the top because in any chapter that is involved in drug trafficking usually it is only one patch member involved with the approval of the executive. All the other members of the chapter are not involved.

In the US seizing the Mongols patch from every member is totally over the top since they have only established a nominal criminal activity among a few members. When the police and the government fear an organization, that is a good thing. The government is supposed to be afraid of the people. When they are not, that is when you run into problems with ruthless dictatorships kicking in your door without a warrant.

The documentary Freeway Ricky: Crack in the System showed us the problematic nature of seizing the proceeds of crime. Freeway Ricky was unknowingly selling crack for the CIA in LA back in the /80's. The CIA pulled the plug on the DEA's bust of Oscar Danilo Blandón because he was selling cocaine for the CIA. After the CIA pulled the plug on that bust the DEA became corrupt. Instead of stopping the drugs they just started seizing drug money and collecting finders fees. A former DEA agent confessed to that fact in the documentary.

Likewise in Surrey, the police are watching the drug trafficking that is going on out of Shakerz and refuse to do anything about it. The system is corrupt. Banning MCs will not stop the problem it will only make the corrupt officials feel more powerful.


  1. this is probably one of your best posts.

    Harvey O. at Keeping it Real has a post up about the what can happen when there are no rights and freedoms, specifically the death of Liu Xiaobo which was caused by the Communist Party of China.

    Your post is timely. We need to give some real hard thought to where we want to go as a nation, as human beings. Freedom comes at a price and some times that price is those we don't care for not being constrained. Because if they can do it to them, they can do it to us.

    1. Yes the similarities between Liu Xiaobo and Edward Snowden are concerning for all of us:

  2. majority of our politicians from local, provincial to federal are corrupt.
    these thugs is what floats on top when the system is a sewer

    even the editor of our local news is getting fed up, what is that telling us?

    "A herd of sheep is leaving the stall. There is no fence,
    only the gate".... The Trap of thinking

    COLUMN: Lies, damned lies and counting on our votes -

  3. I am glad your blog is getting back to the original focus of gangs!

    I have to disagree completely with you about, "There are tons of members of the Hells Angles in Maple Ridge. Most of them are not involved in criminal activity. To claim that there are would be dishonest."

    To claim they are not involved in criminal activity "flies in the face" of what these gangs do, how they operate, their recruiting process and everything else about them.

    If you do not believe me and every person who has been part of the club who has been open and honest about the club, those who write about them (honestly and not just for sensationalization), every single person in TMB, then become part of one yourself and you will see, first hand, how what you are trying to claim is erroneous.

    If the only way the gov't can get rid of these groups is to ban them (think of the levels of insulation they have built up with groups doing their dirty work for them!) then that is exactly what needs to be done. Why it is taking so long is precisely because these drug gangs are feeding millions of dollars into legal teams and publicity for their own benefit.

    1. I understand that. However, I stand my my original statement: "There are tons of members of the Hells Angles in Maple Ridge. Most of them are not involved in criminal activity. To claim that there are would be dishonest."

      The US Government has completely abandoned the principles in the US Constitution and I passionately oppose that. Confronting organized crime is good. Destroying civl liberty is not.

    2. Dr. John Smythe, if you ban these gangs, what is banned next. As much as I might agree it would be so easy to ban them it is a violation of their charter rights, which stipulates the freedom of association. Once a government determines they can ban M.C.s what will they ban next? It is ever so easy to go down that road. Where it ends will be something like a fascist government or something like Russia, China, Turkey, etc. No I'll stand up for freedom of association even if it means supporting a motorcycle club/gang I don't like or approve of.

    3. I'm going to update the post about the difference between criminal organization status and seizing patches. Banning gang colours in bars is one thing but seizing patches is another.

      However, my point is this. Gang enforcement in BC is now compromised. Criminal org status is just a publicity stunt to make the police feel powerful. When push comes to shove it means nothing since they are watching the drug trafficking that's coming out of Shakerz and supplying the Front Room. They are watching that happen and refuse to do anything bout it. That makes all their other noise a lie.

    4. EAF you cannot have it both ways - or should I state neither ways.

      These groups operate with publicity for being openly "rebellious" and garner support (as can be seen by the various comments on this site to blog posts.

      These groups also build support and networks by being public.

      Ask any specialize LE if the current laws and "rights and freedoms" have allowed for the effective elimination of criminal gangs.

  4. Respect of Civil liberties is and should be for all of us humans irrespective of race religion etc

    Blood has been spilled for the freedoms we have today

    Civil liberties for all

    Lest we forget eh

  5. Banning motorcycle clubs patches is simply wrong

    Let alone unconstitutional

    Do we start banning religious gtoups identifible

  6. Any organization where a member or members are being criminally investigated are requiring law enforcements attention

    Not just 1% it's don't ya think

    How long is the list


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