Saturday, July 1, 2017

Supporting the influx of Refugees in Canada

Here it is. The new direction the Gangsters out Blog has taken is a loud and clear support for the huge influx of refugees from all over the world coming to Canada from the United States. This is a national emergency because public funding is limited. We need to open our hearts, open our wallets and open our homes to support them privately.

Recently we met a wonderful family from Colombia and Honduras with two amazing young children that came to Canada as refugees. Both parents were working in Houston for three years with valid green cards. All of a sudden the green cards were revoked and they were forced to leave with no place to go. The reasons why they can't go back to where they were living before that is private. The bottom line is that Donald Trump's revoke of the Statue of Liberty has taken hard working families and made them homeless. It is a national disgrace.

I will update a list of links where people can volunteer or donate. Since the United States has dropped the ball it is time for us to answer the call and meet that need just like we did during WWI and WWII. Perhaps it's time to move the Statue of Liberty north to higher ground. Peace.

The Inland Refugee Society gives free English classes for refugees. They need donations because they have refugees staying in homeless shelters that can't afford buss passes to attend their free english classes. Donating $10 or $20 would help them immensely.

In the words of Martin Luther King "He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgement seat. Oh be swift my soul to answer him be jubilant my feet while God is marching on." Like a waving flag yo.

Getting ready for your refugee hearing

Kinbrace Refugee Housing & Support

Inland Refugee Society of BC

Middle Eastern Friendship Centre

Pray for Venezuela


The most logical and simple solution in Canada is to give the refugees temporary social insurance numbers so they can work. If they want to come here and work then let them. The influx of refugees will create a boom in construction.


  1. With a name like Gangsters Blog, it makes the direction seem like the refugees are all gangsters.

  2. Actually the real gangsters are the ones oppressing the refugees in their homeland and the ones opposing their integration into a free republic based on the principles of the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. Refugees are welcome. Bigots are not.

  3. with a list of agencies to assist refugees, it is difficult to see how one could come to the conclusion Dr. John Smythe has.

    My take on it is gangsters out and refugees in.

    One of the cool things about Canada Day was seeing all the different ethnic groups which call Canada home. A great e.g. olf this was a family which took the citizenship oath. he was from Scotland, she from Asia, and their triplets were born in the middle east. it doesn't get more Canadian than that unless they popped up with an Uncle or Aunt who was First nations.

    In my opinion it never is good if one ethnic group becomes more dominant than another. We have seen that happen in Richmond and the sign language "wars". There is nothing wrong with Richmond that 50K Middle Eastern refugees won't solve. Unfortunately only 4 refugee families were able to be settled in Richmond due to the high cost of housing.

    The Canada Day celebrations which appeared most vibrant was the one in Surrey. Surrey may start to eclipse other major cities in the lower mainland because it is so reflective of the world.

    So a blog which topic covers issues facing refugees is great. It gives all of us more information regarding refugees, their successes, their hardships, the resources available to them, advocating for them.

    Gangsters in B.C. are so yesterday. They have become part of the fabric of our society. Until the police/justice departments and society in general decide they have had enough, not much will change, so why keep writing about them. Who knows, the person who may head up our solution to gangs may be a refugee.


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