Saturday, July 29, 2017

Police protecting drug dealers on the Surrey strip

I heard an upsetting report from a local business fed up with the drug related crime in Whalley and decided to check out the new developments on the Surrey Strip for myself. I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. The police have a fenced cage "Outreach Team" right between the Front Room and the Lookout homeless shelter which are two drug houses run by the Hells Angels killing people with fentanyl. They are right beside the new lethal injection site.

Instead of arresting the drug dealers the Surrey RCMP are now offering them police protection. Herein lies the failure of enforcement on the Surrey strip. This is why the police are not doing anything about the drug trafficking out of Shakerz. They are offering their drug dealers police protection on the street. God damn you all. This is NOT the New York Model. It is the zombie apocalypse feeding the pharmaceutical fraud. There are twice as many tents now.

They are not helping the homeless find housing. They are not helping addicts get into treatment. They are doing the exact opposite. They are promoting the drug trade and feeding the forest fire of addiction. God help us. No one else will. Bring back Dr. Colin Mangham. We need him.

There is no gang enforcement in BC. There is only gang promotion now.


  1. There's no real money any more in mining or timber, so B.C.'s main industries have become drugs, crime, and political corruption for the last 3 decades or so. Problem is, as more and more states legalize possession and high quality weed is grown down south, the demand for export of weed from BC to the US will quickly drop to nothing, and production down south will ramp up to fill the newly legal desires of a population far larger than what BC could ever supply by producing and exporting "the hard way". Which was sort of part of the point about legalizing and regulating drugs to begin with, pull the criminal activity out of the equation, but if the retail price down there is roughly equivalent with the price in Vancouver, why take the risk of smuggling it across an international border....

    Prohibition of weed is already over, there's just a lot of people who haven't been read into the memo yet. The little strategy of pushing the whole "Medical Marijuana" thing as a bridge into full legalization was a clever bit of trickery, and has worked exactly as those in the marijuana "activist" (WTF does that even mean anyway) community hoped it would. Good for them. Governments rarely give back freedom peacefully once they take it, you have to force them to give it back one way or the other.

    1. This drug fraud is what Catherine Austin Fitts referred to as the tapeworm economy:

      The Red Button:

      Legalizing drugs other than pot is part of the pharmaceutical fraud that will bankrupt our public health care system. You can't get cancer meds but you can get free heroin. That is evil. No one can afford that much tax.

  2. "you can't get cancer meds. but you can get free heroin". omg that is funny. its true, its funny and is oh, oh, so sad.

    giving drug dealers/users police protection and free drugs works for the police, the mayor, council, financial supporters and a lot of people in Surrey. It keeps the "undesirables" in one area and out of the more expensive ones. Really they don't want them in more expensive neighbourhoods or shopping centres. You won't find it in South Surrey. Let them try doing this in South Surrey, the mayor and police would be all over it. the current system works for those in control.

    Providing medical rehabilitation for drug addicts costs money and tax payers don't want to do that. As long as their child is not dead, they don't care.

    the police prefer this because they know where every one is. they don't require additional officers to patrol areas. They don't have to arrest anyone and have increased costs for the judicial system or jails. this is all about money.

    it certainly doesn't benefit small businesses who are still in the area, but they don't have much political clout. This is working for Linda Heppner, council their supporters, and the RCMP. Its not going to change until the new government gets its legs under it and not even then, if it is going to cost too much money. Drug addiction for adults may not be their priority.

    What the RCMP needs to arrest and charge fent. dealers with attempted murder. if people need to live in tents then the city of surrey must have an area of land they own where people can camp. there is no need for them to do it on city streets. enough is enough. ignoring the problem will result in more problems. Of course it might be to the political and corporate classes advantage to desensitize us. with drug addicts living on the street, not many care. the very poor living on the street people still don't care. then when poverty increases, and more people live on the street, society will be used to it and ignore it all, thus saving corporations and tax increases.

    1. The problem is that the police aren't arresting the fentanyl dealers they are offering them protection. That is the root of the problem.

  3. I quite agree with you, but my point is that nothing is going to change because their current approach to things works for those in control, if not for the rest of us.


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