Sunday, July 30, 2017

Al's Habrich Trail

I rode out to the Sea to Sky gondola again today. This time I took the Al's Habrich Trail which takes you to a great viewpoint above the Chief where you can see the mouth of the Cheakamus.

I was hoping to access Mount Habrich from that trail but unfortunately that trail doesn't take you to the summit, that's on another trail off of the Sky Pilot trail. So it that sense the trail was anti climatic but if you just head up to the viewpoint over the Chief it's a nice hike.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. its gorgeous. for those of us to lazy to hike, its nice to be able to see this.

    1. Actually you can get pretty much the same view while sipping a pint on the deck at the top of the gondola. This hike takes you higher but it's pretty much the same view.


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