Sunday, July 16, 2017

Two crime groups operating in Alberta

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "A record number of gangs have been identified in Alberta, and Alberta Law Enforcement Team (ALERT) Insp. Dave Dubnyk warns organized crime has tentacles that reach across provincial borders and deep into Alberta’s communities." The article states that "A Provincial Threat Assessment identified 138 criminal networks operating in Alberta, the highest total in four years" while in reality the article only names two.

The Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers along with the Dirty Few and all the others except for the Warlocks are all puppet clubs that sell drugs for the Hells Angels. The only other group they mentioned was the United Nations working in Grand Prairie. That is new and represents the only separate group in the list.

In Calgary the FOB - Fresh off the Boat were drug dealers that were supplied by the Independent Soldiers who in turn worked for the Hells Angels. In contrast, the FK- FOB Killers were a group of rival drug dealers in Calgary that sold drugs for the UN.


  1. It almost sounds like one of those multi level scams. Oh, well I guess once you have a product and you decide to follow a successful model, why change what works.

    Now that they know who every body is, lets hope they arrest them every time they sell fent. and charge them with attempted murder.

  2. FOB and FK were dismantled many years ago. I am sure other networks operating with some of the same ppl. But nobody hears about those names around YYC anymore. It's been almost 15 years since.

    Same in Edmonton with the MR2 gang and CRX gang--named after import cars. What was interesting is that these groups were thought to be aligned with another syndicate--but publications and your posts suggest otherwise.

    1. FOB and FK were operating in Calgary up until 2012 / 2013. I simply used that as an example. Another reason we can't blame all our problems on those immigrants when the white bikers are the ones supplying them with drugs. In Edmonton the Hells Angels are the driving force behind the drug trade there.

    2. Indeed. Gangs are not an issue solely driven on any one particular group (be ut new Canadians or otherwise). Immigration and gangs are separate issues--which sometimes overlap. Saying one contributes directly to the otjer is folly

    3. Reminds me of Jørn Jønke Nielse's (Hells Angels Denmark) "Jackal Manifesto".

  3. Mongols have also been spotted wearing Alberta side rockers .


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