Thursday, August 1, 2019

Burnaby RCMP patrol car show with assault rifles

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "The presence of heavily armed Burnaby RCMP officers sparked criticism from people at a community event in Burnaby this month – and not for the first time. When Dawn and Rob Danzel brought their three-year-old daughter to the Edmonds City Fair & Classic Car Show on July 21, they were shocked to see RCMP officers with semi-automatic rifles patrolling the area."

This is why Surrey needs to form a municipal police force. The RCMP do not listen to the people who pay their wages. Fire them. Clearly Burnaby needs to form a municipal police force next.

Police Misconduct Study


  1. Oh I see the rcmp are suppose to take their policing strategy from Rob and Dawn and their 3 year old daughter. This is a fine example of why everything you say is just stupidity or lies. What a fat pale clown.

    1. Donnie McWhirter - Hoeing for the PoPo. It sucks to be you.

  2. LOL, people thought that the police saying citizens didn't need guns like that meant THEY didn't want guns like that.....does the citizenry know that they have silencers too?

    "If you remember nothing else, remember this, the only reason a politician or a policeman wants your gun is so they can do something to you they couldn't if you still had it". - L. Neal Smith

  3. omg, assault rifles at a car show in Burnaby, who did they think was going to attend, people with guns who are going to start a gun fight. People understand these vehicles are valuable, but most owners never stray far and it would be difficult to steal one in the middle of a show.

    My take on this is, the RCMP wanted to demonstrate they were idiots, or they had new guns, much like children who have new toys. Assault rifles at a family event is not on. Can't think of a single event in B.C. where they'd need assault rifles, unless they knew in advance an event was going to be "invaded" by mauraders intent on violence, etc. omg, at a car show, like what is with these people. I've never seen assault rifles at a car show. Didn't see any at the big car show in Victoria where there were thousands of vehicles from all over the world.

    it really is time for the RCMP to go or to stop playing cops and robbers with the ATF, FBI, etc.


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