Friday, August 2, 2019

Hells Angel shot dead in South Surrey - 2nd Update

Global is reporting that "The man shot dead in a South Surrey drive-thru on Friday morning has been identified as a member of a prominent outlaw motorcycle gang. Multiple sources, including a witness at the scene, have confirmed to Global News that the victim was Suminder (Ali) Grewal, a member of the Hells Angels."

When I head that there was a fatal shooting in South Surrey today the first thing that came to mind was that it had to involve the red and white. They were targeted or they shot someone. Turns out they were targeted. Aside from Nanaimo, the only brown member locally is from the Softside chapter. Dr. Kim is confirming that's the guy. The one in the picture with Chad who was also shot dead and dumped on Spike's doorstop. That just leaves the duck dynasty decoy left in that picture. I would have thought they'd shoot Jamie before Suminder. Bad luck.

What's disturbing is the fact that the compromised BC Gang Task force no longer arrest Hells Angels who sell drugs. They just like to have photo ops at Hells Angels events where drugs aren't sold. What's disturbing is the fact that the compromised Surrey RCMP let the Hells Angels traffic drugs out of Shakerz. What's disturbing is the fact that members of the Wolf Pack are in witness protection and get police escorts to sell drugs. That's what I find disturbing.

I told you, the Softside are not welcome in Surrey. The Brother's Keepers are on the wrong side. Just ask Glen Nelson's wife. That's how the red and white showed their love for the Redd Alert.

The sad saga continues. Treachery on the streets. Mind how you go.

Update: Global is reporting that "Two men are facing murder charges for the shooting death of a prominent Hells Angels member in South Surrey Friday. Court documents name the two men as Nathan James De Jong and Calvin Junior Powery-Hooker, both believed to be 21 years old."

In 2017 someone by the name of Calvin Junior Powery-Hooker was charged with assault in Edmonton after a drug deal went bad. Edmonton is red and white. Police in Surrey are lying and claim they are preparing for retaliation even though they know this hit was internal.

Spotlight on the Garden of Eden: The Hells Angels drug infested brothel in Kelowna

I wonder if the other PoPo ho Damion Ryan is going to show up in disguise at the funeral again.

2nd Update: Big surprise, Suminder Grewal had debts. Who do you think those debts were to? The club ripped him off and cast him aside like they always do. His murder was internal. The Brother's Keepers wouldn't do it so they had to farm it out to some low life red and white trash from Edmonton. This is how they treat their own. Brother's Keepers beware.

This is why the BC Gang Task Force is on the wrong side. Helping the Hells Angels obtain and maintain a monopoly on the local drug trade does not reduce violence. Greed has no limits.


  1. So, they have to have 5 members minimum to open or keep a chapter active, right? How many left now?

    1. I don't know. I don't have a pipeline in to the compromised BC Gang Task Force. They tell Dr Kim everything they want the public to know. These guys are a dime a dozen now so it wouldn't be a problem putting a patch on another blow up doll to fulfill the required number of members. In fact someone who wanted the position could have been the one that did the hit.

  2. They are under. They wanted to "take over the streets" and made it clear they were gonna be a small tight nit group. Unless somebody transfers in , they are fucked. Who would want anything to do with this place. Standby for a whole lot of nothing. The guys they are battling with are clearly not scared, ince you dont intimidate anymore, now what now you gotta actually do something

  3. FYI... Nanaimo no longer has a "brown member".


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