Thursday, August 22, 2019

Surrey's municipal police force gets Provincial green light

The Canadian Press is reporting that " The Vancouver-area city of Surrey, home to Canada's largest RCMP detachment, has been given provincial approval to begin a transition to a municipal police department. British Columbia Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has given the approval for the work to get underway." Finally. Thank God.

"Farnworth says a team has been formed between the city and the province to ensure key issues of the transition are addressed, and it will be up to that team to determine if the switch can be done by 2021." The sooner the better. If John McKay is hired to overseas training, Surrey would have a world class police force second to none.

"Former B.C. Court of Appeal justice Wally Oppal has been named chair." Wally Oppal?! AYFKM? That sh*tbag should be in jail for sabotaging the Missing Women's Inquiry. Putting him in charge of anything is suspect.

"Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum successfully campaigned on a promise to replace the RCMP with an independent force and last month announced a separate municipal committee to manage the proposal." Yes he did. That's why we supported him.

Linda Annis was never a member of the Safe Surrey Coalition. She was the only member of Surrey First to be elected. She was new. ALL the incumbents were soundly defeated. The other three wingnuts that left the Safe Surrey Coalition have broken their campaign promise. Doug McCallum has not. He has been true to his word. The residents of Surrey did have a say on the matter when they elected him and kicked Surrey First out of office.

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  1. was some what surprised to see Wally Oppal on the board. However, my take on that is, its political, so it can not be said this was a "leftist" whatever. With Oppal there, they can say it was a bi partisan move. He is the chair of the committee and as such isn't much more than a figure head. He can be worked around, if there are problems, well that is my take on it. They could have used others, but some times its better to have some one from "across the ailse" involved. That way, if anything goes side ways, its Oppal's fault. He can always be removed. Its true they could have brought in some else, but having Oppal always gives them some one to blame.

  2. If they are really going through with this new police force, you should apply.

    I am not kidding.

    1. lol thanks but not a freaking chance. I'll just be happy if they start busting the drug trafficking out of Shakerz.

  3. don't know what Watson does for a living. He has a decent blog, would not suggest he'd make a good police officer. Don't think he likes following rules he doesn't agree with.

    If he were going to have a new career, perhaps politicians or social worker but right now, I'd suggest he continue with the blog. It offers news not available in the MSM and he is able to criticise as he pleases. there is a freedom in that which does not come with police work. There will be a Police board appointed by the provincial government, I believe, he might do fine there.

    1. Yeah I have a job that I really like and it gives me evenings and weekends off. The blog is just a hobby on the side. As you say, since the MSM sucks. there is a need for it. I'm all for the younger men who want to start a new career and make a difference. I'm more in the twilight of my career.


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