Friday, July 19, 2019

Jack Hundial breaks his campaign promise

This is hilarious. Post Media Trash is reporting that "Concerns about policing, public safety and community involvement in Surrey have prompted a third councillor to quit the city’s governing coalition on council and sit as an independent. Jack Hundial broke the news on Thursday, which came as no surprise to his fellow council members. Hundial, a retired RCMP officer, has been openly critical of the city’s proposed plan to transition from being policed by the RCMP to starting its own municipal force. But the mayor’s decision this week to dissolve Surrey’s public safety committee in favour of a policing transition committee was the final straw."

Lets take a look at the facts because they speak for themselves. CBC is reporting that "Council drama aside, Doug McCallum's reputation rests on outcome of 2 big campaign promises."

What were those two campaign promises? Sky Train over LRT and forming a municipal police force. Doug McCallum was very clear on those two promises and he was elected on that basis.

Jack Hundial jumped onto McCallum's bandwagon at the last minute. I didn't endorse him because he was former RCMP. I thought it was a bit weird bringing in someone from the RCMP to get rid of the RCMP and form a municipal police force. So now Jack Hundial has left the Safe Surrey Coalition that got him elected because he has broken his election promise. He was elected on a promise to get rid of the RCMP in Surrey and now he has changed his mind. Doug McCallum is keeping his election promise. Jack Hundial is not. That's all there is to it.

Jack Hundial is Indo Canadian. Surrey's South Asian temple leaders are pushing the solicitor general to let the city replace the RCMP. Jack Hundial is betraying the Indo Canadian community in Surrey. That's all there is to it. Let's remember what happened to Barinder Rasode when she was determined to railroad the mega casino in South Surrey that the South Asian temple leaders were so adamantly opposed to. She was not reelected. Good bye Jack Hundial. It was nice knowing ya. Not. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


  1. A cynic might believe he has not changed his mind, he was a stalking horse from the very beginning. In other words he lied to get elected. What a POS.

  2. Speaking of Post Media and the "Legacy Press", RossK over at the Gazetteer, has an article up about Post Media: "Saving Canadian Journalism?" He writes, the federal government is going to save the "legacy" press by creating tax credit's for journalists' salaries to the tune of $8M to $10M a year. The interesting part of this is: The Post Media C.E.O., Paul Godfrey, is still receiving a $1.2M bonus in addition to his $1.2M salary in 2018 and $5M in stock options.

    Collectively the top 5 executives at Post Media make over $10 MILLION.

    My take on it is, we the taxpayers of this country are paying for these in-competents to receive over $10M a year while the drive the business into the ground and spew their version of the truth around. that truth frequently has nothing to do with reality, in my opinion, but simply furthers the b.s. put out by conservative types whose interests lie with the financial 1%ers.

    If the federal government has an extra $10M a year for anything, it ought to be spent on something like oh, clean running drinking water on a Reserve or affordable housing for those whose wages are so low they can't afford a decent roof over their heads.

    As you so nicely put it, Post Media Trash,. They are receiving $8M to $10M a year to peddle their version of the truth, for their financial 1%ers while others in this country continue to live in pain and misery.

  3. Oh, forgot to comment on the topic, it has been my opinion, that some of those who jumped on the Mayor's band wagon were there only to be elected and dumped him as soon as they could. Don't be surprised if they form their own party for the next election to unseat the current Mayor and go back to what they were originally doing, driving Surrey into the ground. the current Mayor has the right idea,

    1. Unseat the current mayor? Good luck with that. How are they going to get reelected? They are nobodies. Steven Pettigrew is an eccentric wingnut, Brenda Locke is a Gordon Campbell flunky, while Jack Hundial is just another dirty cop who lied to get elected. Voters will remember that next time around. Don't forget, Surrey is my crib. I live here. Doug McCallum is a living legend. If he runs next time I'm going to bill it as Rambo 5 Last Blood:

  4. Yes, you live in Surrey and its your neighbourhood and you know it well. However, I've lived in B.C. since 1951 and the things I've seen in politics in this province, led me to write what I did. I quite agree with you regarding the individuals you comment on, but as I say, having lived in this province and been following politics in this province since approx. 1958, there isn't much I haven't seen.

    McCallum is offering good leadership to Surrey and I do truly hope he and his party will continue in their positions,

    1. What you wrote was plausible as to motive. I just don't see it happening in real life. Steven Pettigrew was a fake environmentalist that sabotaged the Hawthorne Park campaign. I don't see him joining Surrey First and I don't see them wanting him.

      I don't see Jack Hundial getting reelected. The Indo Canadian community in Surrey will remember what he did to them. I don't see Brenda Locke getting reelected either. She was just a one trick pony that supported Gordon Campbell. Surrey First would want her but I don't think the rest of Surrey will.


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