Sunday, July 7, 2019

Syria Propaganda: The War on Truth

They say the fist casualty of war is the truth. We have certainly seen that repeatedly in Syria. It appears that the Syrian Network for Human Rights is NOT an objective third party. It is a biased outlet funded by the West and staffed by the opposition. Tim Anderson from Hands off Syria claims that the Syrian Network for Human Rights is a NATO jihadist front. Possible.

What do we know? We know that ISIS mysteriously appeared in Syria beheading people to justify US intervention. Then we find out that Israel was supporting ISIS in Syria because they were opposing Assad. We know that under Operation Ajax British and American intervention in Iran created Islamic extremism there. The October Surprise perpetuated it.

We know that rebel forces use civilians as human shields. We know that Germany bombed civilians in London repeatedly. We know that the Americans killed more women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki then any other country ever has.

We know that the Syrian Network for Human Rights is not credible. That's all we know.

Neither is the Tony Blair Faith Foundation which is now called the Institute for Global Change.


  1. Blair is a Globalist. Nice to see he's finally out front about that.

    1. Yeah I was kinda surprised he's finally come out of the closet. Corporate Communism at it's worst. He might as well be flying a hammer and sickle

  2. Tony Blair really never was labour. he was just a Conservative who knew he could become P.M. if he joined the Labour party.

    1. Now, now. Tony Blair was in bed with George Bush.


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