Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Green Justice does NOT support Steven Pettigrew

The Voice Online is reporting that Steven Pettigrew and Jack Hundial have joined McCallum’s Safe Surrey slate. I don't know Jack other than he's former RCMP. Given the commitment to get rid of the RCMP, I'm not sure having someone from the RCMP is a good idea. Since the slate is already full I would place him as an alternate along with John Gibeau and Adam MacGillivray.

Just to be clear, even though I support Doug McCallum for mayor of Surrey and the Safe Surrey Coalition be advised that I do NOT support Steven Pettigrew for council. There are a multitude of better choices that I do support. Steven Pettigrew was not the leader of the Save Hawthorn Park campaign he was just an eccentric wing nut that started a facebook group.

Steven Pettigrew screwed up the Save Hawthorn Park campaign royally. He regularity censored key information from the facbook group and deliberately sabotaged the court case. Steve withheld key evidence that prevented Roslyn from having standing in court. Had he not withheld that key evidence, she would of had standing and the court case would have been able to proceed. Steve prevented that from happening by withholding evidence.

I passionately support religious freedom. However, Steven Pettigrew is a religious freak. Roslyn Cassells is trustworthy, Steven Pettigrew is not. Look at some of the amazing candidates of stature that have joined the Safe Surrey Coalition. Doug Elford, Bableen Rana, and Dr. Allison Patton. These candidates are credible. Steven Pettigrew is not. Steve is a brain dead idiot not worthy to tie the other candidates shoe laces let alone sit at the same table. If he wasn't such an idiot he'd be an agent provocateur. I don't want to get into it but I will be clear that Steve does NOT have my support at all. Just sayin. Rina Gill has the integrity to sit at the same table as the other candidates not Steven Pettigrew. Steve just doesn't have what it takes.

Let's get ready to rumble. The election has now begun. This is the Green Justice Slate:


  1. A "Green Justice Sweep" would be awesome. Good luck to all on the slate!


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