Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dianne Watts' dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash has certainly provided some more comic relief. Michael Smyth, Dianne Walt's lapdog who choked on his sour grapes after her defeat against Andrew Wilkinson, is still flogging a dead horse. He claims Ex-mayor Watts rips McCallum. Not. Ex mayor or ex Watts? Watt's isn't even her own name. That's Brian's name and she's divorced. Everything about that snake in the grass was a fraud.

“I don’t think he would serve the city well given the complex challenges facing Surrey,” Watts told me Wednesday. “I had to clean up some of the problems he left when I became mayor." That is absolutely HILARIOUS. Doug McCalum's track record of crime prevention and Dianne Watt's track record of crime promotion speak for themselves. Like my father used to say, you can't con a con. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. You can't fool us because Surrey is our home. We live here. We know their history.

Doug McCallum was tough on crime, Dianne Watts wasn't. Doug McCallum was fiscally responsible. Dianne Watts wasn't. What kind of crime challenges did Doug McCallum face? Crack houses. Any idea how hard it is to get rid of crack houses? He did it. He evicted them onto the street. I saw it. I was there. I was a letter carrier at the time. The notorious crack houses filled with crime and drug addicted prostitution were evicted by the city. Doug McCallum was successful at addressing crime. Dianne Watts wasn't.

Under Dianne Watts crime in Surrey hit it's peak. Businesses in Newton were complaining about drug dealers selling drugs outside their place of business chasing heir customers away and the city did NOTHING. Residents complained about crime repeatedly only to have those complaints fall on deaf ears. Residents persistently complained about an after hours in Green Timbers while the city did nothing. Residents said what are you going to do? Wait until someone gets killed? That's exactly what they did.

A young girl wrote the mayor complaining about drug related crime in their trailer park. Dianne Watts seized the photo op and said gee it's too bad your landlord rents to criminals. There's nothing we can do about it. For real. I couldn't make this sh*t up. This is Dianne Watts history.

Remember the fall of Dianne Watts and who she is supporting. She is supporting Tom Gill despite the fact that former members of her own party aren't. They certainly don't agree with her about that. Tom Gill is a complete idiot who was bickering in public sharing private text messages with the press like a classless fool. She's still just a three dressed up as a nine.

How about Newton Crime Prevention Super Hero Doug Elford? He doesn't agree with Dianne Watts. He supports Doug McCallum and so do I. The corporate tax and spend gluttons are afraid of Doug McCallum because he is fiscally responsible. Under his leadership their tax and spend play day will come to an end. Lest we forget Campbell Heights and the Fall of Dianne Watts.

It's time for everyone to come together under Doug McCallum. That's Green Justice.

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