Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Another Surrey mayoral candidate wants to pause LRT

Bruce Haynes starts to talk the talk. The Peace arch News is reporting that "Mayoral hopeful Bruce Hayne now says he will “press pause” on phase one of Surrey’s light rail project, if elected. Hayne, a current councillor, previously said he thought it was too late to change gears but told the Now-Leader on Monday that the issue is “too important not to revisit.” SkyTrain is a “better solution for Surrey,” he said, adding that bus rapid transit might be the better option along 104th Avenue from King George Boulevard to 152nd Street." Global is also covering the story.

Bruce Haynes is a good guy. If Dough McCallum wasn't running I would have endorsed Bruce for mayor. I was concerned when he said it was too late to stop the LRT because that was simply untrue. Now he is starting to see the light. Of all the former Surrey First members, Bruce shows the greatest potential for rehabilitation. He opposed the South Surrey Mega Casino on rural land flip when Barbara Steele didn't. Barbra Steele is beyond rehabilitation. I have no problem with Dave Woods. The fact that he left Surrey First over the gun control diversion was a good thing. If Integrity Now were elected, except for Barbara Steel, I would have no problem with that. I mostly endorse the Safe Surrey Coalition because their two fold mandate is clear.

Doug McCallum will stop the LRT in favor of Skytrain and his track record on crime prevention and fiscal responsibility is tried tested and proven. Surrey First has historically been Surrey's Worst when it comes to addressing crime and fiscal responsibility. It's time to move forward.

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  1. One of the good things about the sky train is you can put bike and walking paths under neath. makes more sense because a rail system has some one stopping and going and that just creates bigger traffic jams. sky train is up a floor and every thing underneath just keeps moving along.


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