Saturday, June 16, 2018

Linda Hepner's Fail Army: Defiant to the end

Linda Hepner reminds me of Buzz Lightyear shouting to infinity and beyond before he jumps off the bed and falls flat on his face. Only unlike Linda Hepner, Buzz Lightyear had morals. They say pride cometh before the fall, well Linda Hepner and Surrey First are as arrogant and defiant as they get. We remember the money laundering at Campbell Heights and the attempted remix at the Mega Casino on rural land in south Surrey.

We remember Hawthorne park and Clayton Heights. Surrey First is a special interest group that steam rolls over public opinion to spend tax dollars on their campaign contributors. The Surrey LRT is just another over priced SNC-Lavalin tax fraud like the second parking lot at Surrey Memorial Hospital over top the new one they had just built then tore down. That was a complete waste of money. Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst for fiscal responsibility.

Residents and businesses wanted them to confront drugs on the Surrey strip but they did the exact opposite. Instead of confronting the predatory drug dealers on the Surrey strip they provide them police protection and opened up a safe inhalation site for people to smoke crack laced with Levamisole which gives them flesh eating disease. Fraser health has nothing to do with promoting public health and welfare. They promote addiction and misery.

Linda Hepner and the Mayor's glutton council were staunch supporters of the yes side on the referendum to raise more taxes for the over funded Translink SNC-Lavalin fraud that failed. Linda Hepner's and SNC-Lavalin's people were taking down "No" signs during the referendum. With all the No LRT protests the Neocons put up a pro LRT propaganda sign on 104th. When I put up a No LRT sign beside it, the city took it down. After the success of the No LRT rally at Bear Creek Park the Neocons put a LRT car in the Guildford Parking lot on 104 and 150th street

This is how the Neocon works. They use tax dollars to brainwash the taxpayers into spending more tax dollars on them. Tax and spend is all that they do. The Reform Party was big on holding referendums and surveying voters opinion. The Neocons use tax dollars on advertising to mold public opinion instead of surveying it. Welcome to the new world order. They want to put Hjorth Road Elementary school on a traffic island. Don't forget to register to vote.

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