Monday, June 4, 2018

Surrey Businesses want Skytrain not LRT

Today a coworker said they saw a No LRT sign on King George Hwy and asked if it was me. Not on King George I said. I put one up on 104th but the city took it down. So I checked it out and sure enough a local business had two large signs that said No Light Rail We Want Skytrain. I stopped in and had a chat with the local business and they were livid with City Hall. Their business is on King George Hwy and they realize an on ground train with create traffic gridlock and adversely affect their business. That is why we need to elect a new city council in Surrey on October 20. Like everyone points out, Surrey Council does not listen.

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  1. Yup, they can't do SFA about signs on private property, all you have to do is, next time you just get a business to allow you to put it up on their side of the property line. Rock on, boyo! Give 'em a taste of the bayonet! From small things, bigger things come.


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