Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Judy Villeneuve jumps ship

Well this is amusing. The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Longtime Surrey First Councillor Judy Villeneuve has announced she will not be seeking re-election this fall, joining her Surrey First colleagues Councillor Mary Martin and Mayor Linda Hepner in stepping away from politics."

Judy has seen the writing on the wall like the rest of her defiant coworkers. Judy Villeneuve used to be an NDPer until she jumped ship and joined the Surrey Worst Junket. Now that Gravy Train is sinking she is jumping ship again. Big Surprise. Did someone say train wreck?

"Bruce Hayne, a Surrey councilor with Surrey First who is also considering a mayoral run as well as Surrey First councilor Tom Gill." Lol Cut the head off the snake and they have no direction left.

Scratch that. Bruce Hayne just jumped ship as well.

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