Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Doug Elford calls for a municipal police force

Global is reporting that "Doug Elford with the Newton Community Association said he is frustrated with incidences of gunplay year after year, and it’s time for more radical solutions. He said one change could be to end the city’s contract with the RCMP and create an independent municipal police force." As I have previously said I am officially neutral on the topic of getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey but I do think the conversation needs to happen.

Things need to change and if that's what it takes, then by all means go for it. I simply point out that creating a regional police force doesn't always fix the problem. The BC Gang Task force is compromised but so is the Edmonton Police Service. We do need to take gang enforcement in BC out of the hands of the RCMP and regionalize that since the RCMP are clear in that that they do not want to investigate organized crime. Then lets find someone who will.

Doug Elford is BTW running for Surrey City council and I do support him. Having the police arrest everyone for traffic violations would be a bit offensive seeings how they are watching the drug dealers sell fentanyl on the Surrey Strip without arresting them. Handing out parking tickets without arresting the drug dealers in pubic view is unequal protection of the law.


  1. Hate to be the wet blanket but who do you think they would get to staff such a force? They would all be people with an RCMP or Municipal Police background, and chances are you've solved nothing. As I've said many times, your problem is as much "The Canadian Culture of Policing" as it is any one agency.

  2. Having another police force is not going to solve anything.

    Having proper punishment for police, justice and political/gov't employees will. Their minimum sentence should be the maximum for the crime, if convicted, automatically applied with no chance of reduction.

  3. That would be a good start. As opposed to say, a bunch of drunken white racist off duty cops beating and robbing a "Paki" (one of the officers called him this while they were beating him) newspaper deliveryman and then getting conditional discharges.....

    1. And one of those racist cops who assaulted that guy was the New Westminster police use of force trainer. New West is a municipal force.

    2. Exactly, IIRC he was a New West cop but teaching use of force at the Municipal Academy which is also in New West. But I could have that wrong.

      One of the things that always amused me about Canadian cops was how all the arrest techniques they get taught in the academy seem to go out the window after they graduate, in favor of "swarm them as a pack then knock them down and bootfuck them until they can't resist the cuffs being applied". That stuff cost a couple of arrestee's their lives during the period I lived up there, can't remember names though, one guy was a native dude in a bar on Hastings IIRC, had a boot print on his face from being stomped. Just pathetic.

      Pretty hard to respect unprofessional fear-biters like that. Contrast that with the Tokyo PD where you aren't even getting on the job unless you already have a Dan (1st Degree BB) ranking to your credit.


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