Sunday, June 24, 2018

Assassination attempt on Punjabi radio CEO Ashiana Khan in Surrey

The IndoCanadian Voice is reporting that "The Voice has learned that shots were fired at a Punjabi radio CEO late Saturday night while she was driving in Surrey. Ashiana Khan was driving alone when someone in a vehicle fired shots at her. Police arrived on the scene and towed her vehicle away. Khan is the CEO of Media Waves Communications that broadcasts out of Surrey. She had been handling many controversial talk shows that seemed to have angered some powerful people in the community."

In January 2018 Business Vancouver reported that "A former member of Simon Fraser University’s board of governors and a former director of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority are suing internet radio broadcaster Media Waves Communications Inc. and several others, claiming they were defamed in online postings and radio call-in shows that falsely accused them of misappropriating grant money doled out by the B.C. government."

Radio hosts Ashiana Khan was names as one of the defendants. The Surrey Docks are the ones trying to replace the Massey tunnel against the wishes of the residents of Richmond so they can dredge the Fraser and load more coal onto the ships from the Surrey Docks. Coal is not progressive. Natural gas is. Who runs the docks again? Please advise.

Ashiana also helped plan the recent gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall.

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  1. When people start trying to kill members of the media, its not a good thing. However, this isn't the first time this has happened in the Indo Canadian community but it ought to be the last.

    As to who runs the Surrey docks, don't think its a group you approve of. Officially it would be the Port of Vancouver which is run as a company, but once upon a time the docks/harbours, etc were run by the federal government and then they downloaded them. that was not a good thing. We, the people, the government lost control. The docks are now run as private corporations and are open to the sorts of things we see in the private sector.

    having watched the docks here and in the east going back to the days of Hal Banks and the SIU, things have gone down hill since then and that is saying something.

    The docks, Port need to be taken away from the harbour authorities, put back under the control of a cabinet minister and then cleaned up and not be the RCMP, We could use the Harbour police force back, but alas that isn't going to happen either.

    Good luck to Ms. Khan and long may she reign over her mike and t.v. station. Thank you for covering this serious story. They who control the Ports control a lot of the economy.


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