Saturday, June 23, 2018

People First Organize LRT Symposium

People First Surrey organized a symposium on LRT at the Guildford Public library today. Daryl Dela Cruz from Skytrain for Surrey and Rajesh Jayaprakash from People First Surrey spoke against LRT in Surrey while Stuart Parker from Proudly Surrey and a former SFU student spoke for LRT in Surrey.

The young girl was polite and sincere. Her position was the more lanes you have the more traffic you have which was her rationalization for reverting a main road like 104th to a single lane of traffic. It's a romantic thought but it just isn't very realistic. Reverting the new Port Mann bridge to a single lane of traffic would be bad planning as is LRT on 104th.

Rajesh pointed out that this is an important decision that will effect the next 100 years. He said this isn't something we can change in ten years if it doesn't work. This is something we are going to be stuck with pernamenrly. 100 years from now there will be more traffic not less so as time goes on it will only get worse. Fixing this mistake now is crucial.

Hats off to Rajesh who invited the other side and let them have equal say. I like him. He is trustworthy. Stewart on the other hand came up with an analogy that basically said the federal and provincial government has already put up the money for LRT. To change it now to Skytrain would be childish which didn't sit well with the audience. I left shortly after that.

I saw Doug Elford from the Surrey Community Alliance there. I support Doug and I'm told his party, which has the backing of Bob Bose, opposes LRT. This is promising although I have yet to see anything in writing. The reason I like Rajesh from People First Surrey is because they put all their polices on paper. You know where they stand on the issues.

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  1. OMG! Mr. Rajesh makes so much sense. He is one of the very few politicians who is talking beyond the next news/election cycle. It is so true, most don't think beyond a dozen or so years down the road. having lived in the province since 1951, I've seen a few changes and that is pushing 70 yrs. Not only do we need to plan for traffic in 100 yrs, but the population. If you only spend the money once, you safe a hell of a lot. Its also why I believe no government entity should sell land. We need it for 100 yrs from now. I certainly am impressed by some one who looks 100 yrs down the road!


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