Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Post Media News continues to slash and burn

The grip of the Corporate Media Monopoly continues to tighten as Post Media News continues to slash and burn the industry. CBC is reporting that "Postmedia says it is closing down six community newspapers in Ontario and Alberta, and halting the print editions at three other papers in Manitoba and Ontario as it moves" to kill competition.

If they weren't so determined to kill their credibility, the industry would prosper. All they do is buyout news outlets and shut them down to maintain a monopoly on their corporate spin. Mark my word, there is a market for real news. The private sector can fill that void.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Black Press Group Inc. will begin printing the Calgary Sun newspaper this summer under an outsourcing agreement with Toronto-based Postmedia Network Inc., which will eliminate 52 positions as a result.

In May 2002 Fair dot org reported that: "A dispute between Canada’s largest media company and its journalists has put media concentration on the political agenda as seldom before. In January, organizations representing journalists across Canada called for a parliamentary inquiry into media concentration, especially at CanWest Global Communications. The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists (QFPJ) denounced actions of the media giant as a disturbing pattern of censorship and repression of dissenting views.” Post media News acquired Canwest July 2010. That made the bad situation worse.

November 2017 the Tyee reported that: Postmedia, Torstar Marching Toward Media Monopolies

It was really bad when Conrad Black was buying up all the news outlets and firing anyone that printed a labour friendly story. Now it is much worse.


  1. where oh where is the Canadian Competition board when you need them. No one, 2, or 3 corporations ought to be permitted to control so much of the media. We hear the argument if the few large corporations don't take it all over, there will be no news. It is doubtful that will happen. My suggestion, call their bluff. New organizations will spring up, if there is a vacumn in the market. As it stands now, no one can get into the market. Time to have a good look at what is controlling Canadian media.

  2. Left-wing lieberalism for the most part is controlling the media. The ideology.

    It does not matter if the entity is large or small, it is the information being promulgated that is the key.

    Just like it really does not matter the class or wealth. That is not the issue.

    The issue is good versus evil.

    1. The issue is good versus evil, but it's not left versus right. You are correct in that the "liberal" media is opposed to religion and anything moral yet that quest is self defeating because all our laws are based on morals.

      Saying murder, rape and theft is wrong would be a moral judgement and form the basis of a civilized society. However, the Corporate media is so far right it's left. That's why I call it Corporate Communism. The Rothschilds funded the Communist revolution in Russia. Buyer Beware.

    2. You make a good analogy about "so far right it's left"!

      We have been told all politics are left and right upon a spectrum. Those who study politics (political scientists) will admit if you go so far to the left you end up at the right and if you go so far to the right you end up at the left.

      If it is a spectrum it is impossible to do that - you'd only keep on going or come to an end. The only way it would do that is if it were circular.

      So, take a coin. Look at the edge of it. Looks like a line (spectrum) and if you continue you end up on the other "side" of how you are viewing it.

      Turn it over and you realize it is actually a circle!

      Then you realize the coin has the twin heads of capitalism and communism on it.

      The left/right spectrum is only a very new concept. One that is pushed upon us to the exclusion of any others.

      Historically, you never find such a concept.

  3. in my opinion the majority of the msm is not left. its right. corporations push their own agendas, with are right, not the left. ever read the National Post? Vancouver Sun or Province? They haven't had a progressive thought in years. the only reporter who was published who told the truth about money laundering in our province was Sam Cooper, but that was only after the B.C.Lieberals were no longer the government.


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