Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rich Coleman in court over TimberWest

Rich Coleman, also known locally as the Antichrist, is in the news again. The Tyee is reporting that "British Columbia government lawyers acting for Rich Coleman are arguing that the former forests minister should not have to say under oath what he knew about the sale of TimberWest and the company’s financial troubles." Oh really? Why is that?

Rumors imply Rich Coleman is considering running for Surrey Mayor. Please do. Give up your seat as MLA and run for Mayor of Surrey. We will slay him. Allegorically speaking of course.


  1. NOW THIS IS NEWS@! haven't seen a word, anywhere about this in print or speech. Thanks for the heads up. He doesn't want to give testimony under oath. Does that man think he is in the u.s.a. We are a country of laws and he will have to give testimony. Whether he did what he did as a government officer or just some dumb shit, he needs to be compelled to tell the truth. Over here on Vancouver Island, Timber West owns 80% of all privately held land. Can you just imagine, if the keep selling it and it all goes to foreign interest, combined with the changes the B.C. Lieberals made to the forestry act, they don't have to replace the trees, replant, on private land. The water on Vancouver Island in some communities would be lost. We couldn't drink it.

    Harper isn't off the hook here either. he changed tax codes to benefit Timber West and its one of the reasons they have to keep selling land. Can't remember all the details, but that is the jest of it.

    Coleman as mayor of Surrey, na he won't run. He would have to go into council chambers once a month at least and if there is even one opposition person it could get difficult for rich and why make life so difficult for the people of Surrey. Rich, has acquired enough in life. its time for him to retire. I understand the party needs him because he the most likely to know where all the bodies are buried and he has always done most of the "dirty work", in my humble opinion.


  2. "Does that man think he is in the u.s.a."

    Yeah....your latent anti-Americanism showing. And then you go on to point out how rotten to the core Canada is even all the way down to the municipal levels. I get that there are crooked folks everywhere, but you folks have got it devolved to abysmal lows. You have no moral position to point fingers at anyone.

    1. We can certainly point a finger at Rich Coleman because he is the ultimate low life.

    2. Enjoy that cool aid you're drinking friend. If you think that our system is not corrupt, from the municipal level right on up to the federal level, then you need to be more informed.

    3. Oh, I know all levels of government are corrupt. Its one of the things our Mother taught us as children, and it started at the Municipal level. For it being the 1950s and 60s she was way ahead of her time. We were taught not to trust politicians or very few of them, to follow the money, you can get voters to sell their souls for a dollar a week, if you're not "connected" you might not get ahead or stay alive.

  3. Oh absolutely, he's made a career of it. Just don't forget where he got his start....


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