Sunday, June 17, 2018

Concentration Camps for Children - Father's Day March

Who would have thought it was possible in our day? We have a Constitution guaranteeing civil liberty to everyone regardless of race color or creed. Equal protection of the law for everyone rich or poor. The oath breakers claim that the Constitution is just for American citizens only despite the fact that the Constitution says people not citizens.

The oath breakers claim that the CIA is allowed to torture people on American soil as long as they aren't American citizens. The CIA will even torture Americans in black prison sites as long as they aren't on American soil. These are the oath breakers Nostradamus warned us about. OK maybe it wasn't Nostradamus but somebody did.

Separating children from their families at the border is a criminal act. God is watching. We all are. I understand how in Europe the French would like France to stay French and how the Irish would like Ireland to stay Irish. I get that. Here in Canada we are all immigrants. We have created a free republic that is multi cultural. America used to share that ideal. The founding fathers of the US Constitution had it. The creators of the Statue of Liberty had it. Somehow it got lost along the way.

I understand that a country needs to have some sense of order in dealing with legitimate asylum seekers and can't feasibly let everyone in who just walks across the border. However separating children from their families at the border is an evil act that needs to end. Trump agrees and blames the Democrats. Then fix it now.

The Independent is reporting that "Hundreds of people have demonstrated outside a tent camp in Texas that is being used by the Trump administration to house migrant children deliberately separated from their parents under a zero tolerance immigration policy."

"The government announced last week it had opened the camp at Tornillo, 40 miles southwest of El Paso. It is the latest facility to house children who have tried to cross the border by themselves or been split from their families as the result of the enforcement of rules intended to dissuade people from trying to enter the US."

Trump claims " the policy was established by the previous administration and he can do nothing about it without the cooperation of Democrats to completely overhaul immigration."

"One shelter in Brownsville, Texas, which holds nearly 1,500 boys aged 10 to 17, recently opened its doors to the media. The facility, which reporters said resembled a jail, only permitted the young people for spend two hours outside each day."

Inside the former Walmart that now shelters migrant children

Is this North Korea or the United States? Please advise. Wasn't this in Rocky IV?

Update: It does appear that the practice of separating children from their parents at the border did start before Trump under the Obama administration. Since the Democrats are using this insane practice to promote themselves, let's do the right thing and end this horrible practice.

Update: President Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Immigrant Families Together


  1. "I don't remember this ever happening under the Obama Administration."

    The recent picture of children sleeping on the concrete floor in wire fenced holding pens that the Dems tried to use as evidence of Trump's inhumanity quickly bit them in the ass when it was revealed that the pic was snapped in 2014.

    So now you know. The Dems had no problem with this when it seemed like a great idea to the Obama administration back when THEY were running the show, but now it's egregious and can't be tolerated, blah blah, "because Trump".

    I agree, it shouldn't be happening, but we also shouldn't be stupid enough to allow the Dems to continue to contest the election by other means. If they want some change on a policy they initiated, fine, but enough with the "Trump bad" BS. The Dems are shameless liars and hypocrites. Contrast that pic with the Trump Admin's plans for huge A/C tents with cots or unused barracks buildings on military bases, etc.. Sounds like an improvement to me.

    1. I agree the Democrats are exploiting this as a photo op. It is an evil practice nonetheless and needs to stop.

  2. Have been watching this since Senator Merkley brought it to the media's attention 3 June. It took until Father's Day for the media to go with it. Even Merkley's actions might be questioned, given it is rumoured he's looking at a Dem. presidential run in 2020.

    Trump will keep these children in these detention centers until they age out or die. This is his way of trying to force the Dems to give him his wall and his budget. they won't bend and I don't blame them. This is Trump's/Session's actions at play and they have been talking about it for some time. Kelly is on tape, saying this was under consideration back in 2017.

    its evil, it reminds me of what went on during the Holocuast/ One has only to look at the Canadian Residental School program to see the damage this will do to children. However, these children are not seen as children by Trump and many of his base. its all about being re elected.

    There is an interesting documentary on the Trump family and its clear to me how Trump got to be Trump. Its not only genetic but socialization within the family. it is rather amazuing that Trump's paternal grandfather, who started the construction business was deported from Germany back to the U.S.A. Oh, if Bavaria had only kept him.

    I note you quoted a paper citing hundreds of people were demonstrating. There ought to have been 10s of thousands, but there weren't. Not all Dems were out demonstrating and what I find very interesting, no big movie star, entertainers, musicians were out protesting. I'd suggest they are waiting to see if this would negatively affect their "brands".

    The issue has now come to Canada with the Cons and NDP wanting the federal Liberals to not consider the U.S.A. a "safe country". They're stupid to do it. Trump would simply bus everyone in detention camps to our border and we're not ready.

    When you consider the Cons won the by election in Quebec with the assistance of a Racist Motorcycle Group, you know we ought to have a good look at yourselves first. (Montreal Simon's blog has the information)

    Seperating children from their parents is almost never a good thing. To leave children or humans of any kind in these cages is disgusting but Trump is sending a message to the men he admires, he is just as tough as them, hello there Kim 3, Putin, Erdogen, etc. The dictators of the world now have won. The President of the U.S.A. has joined the club. When children start dying they'll most likely give him the "secret hand shake" Children will die. these tent cities in Texas will have temperatures over a 100 degrees and children under 12's bodies can't deal with the heat. they can't regulate their bodies like adults do. Its why they recommend children under 12 not go into hot tubs. Well by the end of Aug, they expect as many as 20K kids are going to be in "hot tubs"


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