Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ontario elects Doug Ford

Ontario just elected Doug Ford. I supported Christine Elliott. Doug Ford promised to clean up the Hydro mess. How's he goign to do that? By privatizing it? That is what caused the problem in the first place just like Enron. He promised a drastic reduction in the price of hydro and gasoline. How's he going to do that? By nationalizing the oil?

Privatizing Hydro has always been a source of problems. That is what caused the BC Hydro tsunami of deferred debt. Private companies are mandated to make a profit. Gordon Campbell privatized the power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates. As Norm Farrell pointed out, independent power producers have overcharged tax payers almost $5 billion above market value since 2004. Enron was a national disaster.

The Toronto Star reported that "Why have hydro bills in Ontario doubled? Why is electricity more than double Manitoba’s rate and almost double Quebec’s rates? It’s not a mystery. Hydro deregulation, an Enron designed electricity market and a 'for profit' electricity system is the real reason for ballooning hydro bills." Mike Harris started the problem. Kathleen Wynne finished it.

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  1. :facepalm: WTF were these people thinking......let's play "word association", when I say "Ford" what comes to mind?

    In the case of Ontario, it must be "Galaxy 500" rather than "political train wreck". Short memories obviously. I wouldn't be surprised if ol' Douggie brought up his brothers memory and they STILL voted for him.

    Buckle up....

  2. First Quebec was considered the most corrupt province in the country and they held an investigation.
    Then B.C. was considered the most corrupt province in the country, and they elected a new government.
    Now Ontario will become the most corrupt province in the country.
    if Ford handles the province like his did the family business we can expect him to sell off everything he can, hand out jobs to those he likes, but don't know squat about the business. On the upside if the party has had enough of him, the can hold a leadership convention and vote him out. Its not like the Cons have to keep him as their head for the entire 4 years.

  3. Oh B.C. is still corrupt. Lots of real estate rip offs, money laundering, drugs, murder, gangs, police stealing drug dealers money by putting it in their sox, police corruption, political corruption. We’re the same exactly the same.


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