Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Surrey Strip residents pack up and leave for new homes

CBC is reporting that "Surrey recently received 160 temporary modular homes from the province that are now ready to be lived in. The units - which look like high school portables from the outside - have been set up in three locations not far from the strip in the heart of Whalley. Step inside one of the suites and it's like walking into a university dorm, complete with a private bathroom, mini fridge, microwave and single bed." Nice!

However, Global is reporting that "Global News reporter Janet Brown, who is reporting from the strip and speaking to those who are supposed to leave, says many are refusing to go, which could result in a showdown with RCMP." Why on earth would they refuse to move into nice new University dorms? Because some of them aren't there looking for housing. They are there for the drugs and lawless mardi gra. Now is the time to start enforcing the law and start arresting the drug dealers. If they are just there for the drugs and you arrest the drug dealers, they will leave.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, let's hope they don't pawn that fridge and microwave for more drugs. The city should engrave them so the pawn shops don't take them.

  2. What do the hard working people who can't afford housing going to get for free?

    1. seriously fuck off. I'd rather have these eye sores off the street not being a nuisance. Get a better job if you want more money. God you are such a typical bc poor me working class mope. Invest in yourself and your education and your life will be better.

  3. OMG what a common sense suggestion. Not sure if it will be taken up, but with people having decent housing, living on the street is no longer an excuse. Those who remain on the street when there is sufficient housing for them either in the new apartments or the shelter with beds, need to go. People who live and work on that street also have rights and its not all about the drug dealers and their need to make a profit. On the other hand, I'm sure this has all driven down the price of real estate and who knows perhaps that was the point of it all. Hey, its far fetched, but its always about the money. If the RCMP doesn't do their jobs now, its time to move the RCMP along, sort of like the dealers and living on the street. The RCMP needs to be replaced in Surrey by their own police force. Vancouver has approx. double the police officers that Surrey does. The people of Surrey need to understand they can keep their money in the pockets and have the current rate of lawlessness or they can pay more taxes and have their own police officers who report to the Police board of their city. The RCMP report to Ottawa, from whence cometh their pay cheques. When it comes to loyalty we know where it lies right now. A change in Council and mayor will also go a long way to changing things.

  4. "The RCMP report to Ottawa, from whence cometh their pay cheques".

    It has always been so. And Ottawa DGAF about BC.

  5. trailrunner78, figured out what DGAF was. took awhile and gave me a laugh. Actually these days they do, sort of. a couple of cabinet ministers are from B.C. specifically the Minister of Defense, Vancouver and Minister of Justice, Vancouver. Both play a major role in the Trudeau government and he'd hate to loose them.


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