Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jas Rehal has got to go

All of a sudden the story becomes crystal clear. Jas Rehal is a d*ck. He's the Surrey First Bylaws henchman and he has got to go. He has mall cop syndrome and likes to harass people. He and his buddy Tom Gill were the ones harassing all the truckers in Surrey for parking overnight without paying a Surrey First tax. They were harassing small business.

Jas Rehal was the one responsible for creating havoc in Clayton Heights helping Surrey's Worst think up new ways to tax Surrey residents by threatening them with eviction notices in the middle of a housing crisis. Now Jas Rehal is killing baby Peacocks in Sullivan Heights.

The local residents complained about someone who intentionally cut down a tree with Peacocks nests in it. The majority of residents like the Peacocks. Once again Surrey First is steamrolling over the residents and has decided to trap the Peacocks during breeding season which will kill the babies. Hunters don't hunt during breeding season.

Jas Rehal was the clown who called the police when HE was trespassing on private property and was being abusive to an 80 year old land owner. The headlines read "Bylaw officer attacked as peacock tensions rise in Surrey." CBC declared "Police called as Surrey neighbourhood's peacock dispute escalates." Jas Rehal said "He's really shaken up. It's quite a traumatic experience being attacked on someone's property."

"Attacked on someone's property" by his own admission the bylaws officer was trespassing on private property. The bylaws officer got into an 80 year old mans face and started being abusive towards him. The 80 year old man pushed him back out of his face and the bylaw officer called the police and told the media it was a traumatic experience. A traumatic experience for a bully alright. The city has NO Right to Trespass on private property. The city has No Right to fine people for having a bird feeder or birdhouse on private property.

In response to this fraud, Roslyn Cassells and the Green Justice Party have launched Surrey Peacocks website a virtual library of what's really going on in Sullivan Heights. Hey ho, Jas Rehal and Surrey First have got to go. Tom Gill is part of the problem.


  1. Jas is following some one's orders, have a look at that. Confronting an 80 yr old person on their property certainly isn't a good way to do business, especially given the fact that 80 yr old person is paying Jas's salary.

    When he went after home owners with suits and truckers, I suspect he was following orders, so what was council really up to?

    1. Jas made the recommendation to trap the peacocks when they had babies. He is part of the problem. He has to go with the rest of Surrey's Worst.

    2. Confronting someone on their own property is a good way to get shot, just not in Canada, more's the pity.....

    3. You'd be surprised how that knowledge tends to influence people's behavior.

    4. Exactly. Hence the term Trespassers will be shot dead:


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