Wednesday, August 7, 2019

2 Hells Angels and 13 associates charged with human trafficking and drug trafficking in Ontario

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The Hells Angels motorcycle gang used bikers in affiliated clubs to run a drug- and human-trafficking ring across the province, the OPP said Wednesday. 'They deal in multiple commodities,' OPP Supt. Bryan MacKillop, director of the force’s organized crime bureau, said at a news conference announcing the arrests of 15 people earlier this month in Niagara Falls, Sudbury and Ottawa." Organized crime bureau? Why doesn't BC have one?

"The arrests, part of a multi-jurisdictional police operation dubbed Project Skylark, resulted in 195 charges, including for the alleged trafficking of humans, fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine. The operation targeted the Hells Angels and the affiliate groups the Red Devils and the Hooligans, uncovering an alleged trafficking network working in a triangle between the Niagara Region, Ottawa and Sudbury, police said."

Human trafficking? You mean what Arnie Miller is doing for the Kelowna Hells Angels at the Garden of Eden? Why doesn't BC arrest Hells Angels associates for human trafficking when Ontario does? Because the BC Gang task Force is COMPROMISED for f*ck's sake.

“Everyone should be absolutely furious that this is happening in Canada in 2019,” he said of the human-trafficking charges. Oh really? Then why the f*ck doesn't the Compromised BC Gang task force care about the human trafficking out of the Garden of Eden? Arnie is pulling drug addicts off the street giving them drugs and over taxing them for the red, white (and blue).

"Among those charged with a variety of drug trafficking offences are six people police describe as members of motorcycle gangs. They are: Joseph Piccinetti, 41, of Sudbury, and Joshua Khosrowkhani, 31, of Ottawa, whom police described as full members of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter; Keith Earle, 31, of Niagara Falls, Brandon Tupling, 33, of Orleans, and Jovin Degre-Blais, 34, of Ottawa, all of whom ware described as full members of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club; and David Nan, 21, of Sudbury, who was described as a prospect member of the Hooligans Motorcycle Club."

So if the Hells Angels are responsible for fentanyl trafficking in Ontario, then they are also responsible for fentanyl trafficking in Vancouver. Instead of arresting them, Kennedy Stewart wants to put more money in their pocket through harm promotion. That is evil.

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How an ex cop became a pimp and drug dealer for the Kelowna Hells Angels.


  1. Yes, it does make one wonder why the Ontario police can do this work but B.C. police can't. you've provided an answer, now lets see what the government does.

    Just the amount of money going into the coffers of organized crime in B.C. must be huge, if they aren't being interrupted by the police. Even if the police are more interested in "seizers and collecting", there is still a lot of money going into the wrong hands, in my opinion. that is never good for any society.

  2. Ontario is conservative. B.C. has a bunch of goofs that have no business running anything. The greendeepee are a joke. They think drugs and hugs will fix Vancouver.

    1. Actually it was the Christy Clark government that did away with the OMGU. They are the ones that created the problem. The NDP have failed to fix it. They have fallen for the RCMP fraud. Instead of trying to stop crime they want to tax it and thereby profit from it. That is morally wrong.


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