Thursday, August 1, 2019

The controversial Hong Kong memorial wall at SFU is NOT controversial

Post Media Propaganda is reporting that "At Simon Fraser University, a controversy over three “Lennon Walls” — fixtures where people can post notes of support or inspirational wishes — shows how tensions related to increasingly violent protests in Hong Kong may get harder to manage on Canadian campuses."

“'There are currently two walls,' said Joel Wan, founder of Vancouver Hong Kong Political Activists, a weeks-old, student organization whose Facebook page has posts about the situation at SFU. The original Lennon Wall, located outside the main Bennett Library, was 'repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, with post-it notes taken down. It’s gone for now,' said Wan."

On Wednesday, some students set up a temporary, second Lennon Wall with post-it notes at a booth. Plans for a third, more permanent Lennon Wall to be established Wednesday were scrapped after assessing security concerns." That is absurd.

There is nothing controversial about setting up a memorial wall for the struggle in Hong Kong. Tearing that down is equivalent to desecrating Jewish graves or a Holocaust memorial. It is no different then tearing down a Tiananmen square massacre memorial.

The problem is the Confucius Institute which has absolutely nothing to do with promoting the teachings of Confucius. In fact it does the exact opposite. The cultural revolution in China was not a cultural revolution it was a cultural genocide. UBC can see what the Confucius Institute really is. A front for the Communist Party of China. The Communist Party of China promotes Mandarin only. They are crushing Cantonese and democracy in Hong Kong and around the world.

Communism is an abomination. Post Media News is a farce. That is the state of our union.

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

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  1. they need to send the Communist party of China packing. they have no place on our universities. If the politicians want to be pandered by them, they too can leave, perhaps for Communist China.

    Canada is a free and democratic country and our Constitution provides for the right of free speech and assembly. If Communist china and their promoters don't like it, they can go fuck themselves.


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