Sunday, August 11, 2019

Putin visits Crimea bikers' festival

The BBC is reporting that "a leather-clad President Vladimir Putin visited the annexed Crimean peninsula to attend a bikers' festival. The Night Wolves, a right-wing nationalist bikers' group close to President Putin, were prominent supporters of the annexation. This year, they held their annual show in Sevastopol, the Crimean capital." Ah yes, the Night Wolves.

Ukraine foreign ministry described Saturday's visit as a blatant violation of Ukraine's sovereignty. But he didn't visit the Ukraine he visited Crimea. Crimea doesn't have a problem with Putin. Western Ukraine does. This brings us back to the EU Banker's Fraud that created the Greek financial crisis. Crimea was annexed from the Ukraine in 2014. Let's reflect on that.

Prior to the annexation, the democratically elected president of the Ukraine who was pro Russia went into exile after live ammunition was used on pro EU protesters. Geographically, residents in Western Ukraine were of Russian descent and were pro Russia. Eastern Ukraine were not. They were pro European Union. Crimea was pro Russia.

My concerns with Putin isn't his midlife crisis visit to Crimea. My concern with Putin is the fact that he is banning and assassinating political opponents from running against him in elections. My concern with Putin is his mass arrests of protesters in Russia who object to other candidates being banned from the ballot. My concern with Putin isn't his fake meddling in the US election which was ridiculous. My concern with Putin was the use of false flag attacks in Chechnya to get elected. I've got love for Big Brother but I'm concerned with what Putin is doing in Russia.

I'm not concerned about Putin's ties to Donald Trump. I'm concerned with his ties to Hillary Clinton. Hillary and Mr Bill used a Canadian shell company to sell Putin weapons grade uranium for nuclear missiles. That concerns me greatly. Syria and Crimea do not.

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