Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turmoil in the Ukraine

There are a few stories to catch up on but I wanted to pause and linger on something positive for a while first before rehashing more conflict. We've had some interesting discussions about the recent conflict in the Ukraine. Well things got complicated. Just to recap, Russia and the EU have both been trying to win over the Ukraine to join them. Russia handed over a sum of money and protesters rallied to oppose the idea of joining with Russia. Live ammunition was used on the protesters and the elected president who was pro Russia went into exile.

Putin took Crimea which is a pro Russia peninsula of the Ukraine and committed not to take any more land by force. At the time I thought that was a fair compromise. Part of the Ukraine clearly does not want to join Russia but Crimea did. Problem solved. So we had hoped. Yet it has become a bit more complicated than that.

Other areas in the Ukraine which were pro Russia started having demonstrations of their own in favor of joining with Russia and an internal conflict has broken out. Now Putin is threatening to cut off the Gas. If you look at the map the entire eastern region of the Ukraine is pro Russia. They voted for the pro Russian president.

After Russia took Crimea, Yulia Tymoshenko, the presidential candidate that lost the last election said she is going to run again. Ironically enough the elected president in exile said that Russia made a mistake taking Crimea and should give it back. No doubt he was referring to his own political future. With Crimea in the polls there was enough pro Russian supporters in the Ukraine to elect him. Without Crimea, his opponent might have a chance at getting elected.

The whole point is whoever is in charge of the Ukraine after the president went into exile is not a democratically elected president. It was a coup which makes the prospects of a peaceful solution to the conflict somewhat problematic. Instead of supporting coups we need to support the democratic process. Perhaps a legitimate referendum with the option of annexing the eastern region in blue. The west of the Ukraine does not want to join Russia but should be governed by an elected leader. The EU bankers are not to be trusted. They caused the Greek financial crisis. Nevertheless, hopefully the matter will be decided at the polls in the coming election.

Fake Pamphlet requires Jews to register

Now we cross over into the absurd. Media reports claim three masked men were handing out fliers telling Jewish citizens of Eastern Ukraine to register with the pro Russian forces. The pro Russian forces deny the requirement and claim the flyer is likely the work of provectuers. No kidding. The claim doesn't make sense at all. Everyone knows there is a huge popularity struggle going along with the tensions in the Ukraine. We also know there is a huge propaganda campaign against the pro Russian forces making statements that are simply not true. It is clear that Western Ukraine does not want to join Russia but Eastern Ukraine does.

This fake request simply doesn't make sense. Nowhere in Russia are Jews currently required to register. Why on earth would the pro Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine make that request knowing the world would oppose it passionately? The answer is they wouldn't. Even if that was their real goal, they wouldn't be handing out pamphlets making the request at this crucial time. They would wait until after they had secured their independence and after the dust had settled. Even if that was their true goal, they would not be handing out pamphlets saying so now. It doesn't make sense and is not believable. What is believable is that it is the work of provectuers. The suspects are obvious.

If the FBI paid James Cromitie $250,000 and a new BMW to plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York, "they" would certainly pay someone to hand out fake flyers in Eastern Ukraine. If it wasn't for the Russians, the USS Liberty would have been sunk as ordered by President Johnson.

Big Brother is not always right but they're not always wrong either. Stalin and Lenin were both evil. Yet so was Hitler and we don't still hate on Germany now that Hitler is gone. That war is over. Now the war continues and the greatest threat to our civil liberty is the enemy from within.

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