Monday, April 21, 2014

Privatized Prisons and the US Incarceration Rate

Someone sent in a link to a very interesting graphic about the US incarceration rate and how that has increased with the introduction of privatized prisons. It's actually quite disturbing.

The United States has the highest prison incarceration rate per capita compared to any other country in the world. That is not a good model. Especially for the "free world." Part of the problem is the introduction of privatized prisons that are mandated to make a profit at taxpayers expense. Privatized prisons are a huge conflict of interest.

Some people interpret these statistics to mean the war on drugs is wrong. I disagree. The war on drugs isn't wrong. It's just that the CIA is on the wrong side of that war. I don't think 30 year prison sentences for nonviolent crime are the answer either. 3 months for selling not using crack is not excessive. 6 months for a second offense and a year for a third offense is not excessive. It is fair and reasonable.

The US has a program called three strikes and you're out. Although the US incarceration rate is not a positive model to follow, the Canadian model is on the opposite extreme when dealing with prolific offenders. The more crime a prolific offender commits in Canada the less time they serve in prison. The judges here have it completely backwards. The VPD launched a campaign called 30 strikes and your out. The sad thing is, they weren't kidding. Without going from one extreme to the other, this needs to change.


  1. The entire US does not have "three strikes" laws, it's a state by state thing......27 out of 50 states have them, so just over half.....application varies by state, sometimes it's just 3 felonies, other times the felonies have to be violent ones, or committed while armed, etc..

    As far as privatization goes, the conflict of interest with the profit motive is obvious, and privatized prisons have had major issues. In many cases they haven't even saved money, which was the primary reason they were supposed to be such a good idea.

    The government screws up most anything it touches to one degree or another, but there are some things that are best left in the hands of an elected government than a marginally accountable private company whose actions are ruled by contracts, and locking people up is one of them.

  2. Trailrunner78
    You seriously thought that "for profit" prisons would help America? Seriously?
    They don't even know the word rehabilitate, just incarcerate.
    I'm so glad I don't live in your shit hole of a country.
    Bringer of democracy my ass.

    1. Gee, thanks for using my post to spout your POV without actually connecting it to anything I said...... :rolleyes:

      Did I say that I thought they would help? Oh wait, no I didn't....I actually said the opposite. See, unlike you, I actually worked as a Corrections Officer (a long, long time ago) not to mention extensive private security industry experience, so I'm pretty well equipped to know that privatizing prisons would not be a step in the right direction. And that's exactly what my post says. Take a reading comprehension class.

      "Correctional Centers" don't actually do what their name suggests. To the degree that they do, it's a thing of the individual inmate, who makes his own choice not to come back to prison after they get out. Nothing to do with rehabilitation from what I could ever tell. So, you are correct, it's all about incarceration.

      I'm probably glad you don't live there too. So, we are both happy. Isn't that great? Win/win all around.

      America is not a democracy. It's a Representative Republic. But I understand your confusion, it's shared by many, and so I don't hold your misunderstanding of this against you. We have all heard "we live in a democracy" so often that like other statements repeated enough it takes on the mantle of truth simply by virtue of how often we've heard it said.

    2. I think most people are of the understanding that Canada and the US are a democracy.That is the claim when we go to war and "bring democracy" to other nations as representatives of the "free world." Privatized prisons are a conflict of interest because as Toontca said, their is no mandate to rehabilitate just to incarcerate. Most people are under the impression that when you privatize something it is supposed to save money. Sadly in this case as with BC Hydro the opposite is true. It is fraud ripping off tax payers.

  3. hey agent k, what is your e mail?

  4. Here's a great example of this, check out this POS. One year is a joke for the damage he did, it should have been one year for each kid that got fucked over.....


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