Friday, April 25, 2014

Langley Ecstasy Lab Bust

Global is reporting that the Surrey RCMP drug section searched a property in the 20600 block of 72nd Avenue in Langley yesterday. A 36-year-old Surrey resident was arrested and has since been released until the drug related charges have been approved.

It doesn't say what drugs they found or were looking for but the name of their picture says meth lab which would explain why they are wearing hazmat clothing. Crystal meth is nasty. They make it with Drano. That was Kerry Ryan Renaud's specialty.

The Peace Arch News is referring to it as a clandestine lab and that the house appeared to be the focus of a large-scale operation. They are also reporting that a storage locker in South Surrey was searched as part of the investigation. No chemicals were found in the storage locker but other items were seized in connection with the investigation into the lab.

The Surrey Now is reporting that it was ecstasy not crystal meth and that National Geographic filmed the raid. Now that the sassafras oil used to make ecstasy has become so hard to get, E is made from a different much more dangerous chemical now called BZP which results in a different product and many more fatalities.

Update: According to ScanBC #Vancouver Fire Hazmat Team was on scene investigating several garbage bags full of unknown chemicals at 2100 West 46th Ave and #Vancouver Fire Hazmat Team was responding to 3900 Knight Street after someone dumped meth lab supplies in an alley. Go Hazmat. Cleaning up toxic waste in a city near you. They ain't afraid of no chemicals.


  1. The root of BZP is Benzene! Do you remember High School Science and the petroleum or gasoline real name?
    The natives sniff it and also fall victim to its effects on the entire Neurology of the human body!

  2. Anybody here who has ever tried ecstacy will tell you if people would have enough brains to do only one hit/pill at a time it really shouldn't even be illegal. No big deal unless of course your a pig and do why to much. Same thing go's for chocolate or coke a cola though too, right?


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