Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Women the Hells Angels have murdered

This is going to be a two part post. Looks like I took the bait again. Someone pretending to be Bryce posted on another forum and I actually thought for a second it really was Bryce. Actually I think Bryce is a lot smarter than that. Bloody hell I think Ricky C is smarter than that and I think Ricky C is a complete idiot. It's hard not to respect Bryce. Yet it's impossible to respect Ricky C. That Devil Butler nonsense is bizarre.

Someone claiming to be Bryce was metaphorically bragging about the drugs they sell and claim they don't murder women or profit from the homeless. Both statements are clearly false. The selective censorship on that forum is very suspicious. So I'll itemize what I said that wasn't posted.

The claim that the Hells Angels don't kill women is false. Case in point Margo Compton and Britney Irving. Britney they can argue but Joey Verma was a Hells Angels associate. In the trial one witness testified that Joey told him he had no choice (about killing Britney) and would kill his whole family if he didn’t take the fall for him. Another Hells Angel associate threatening someones family again. After speaking with his Lawyer Joey told the witness they were off the hook as he was going to have to take the heat himself.

The thing is Joey was a much higher level drug dealer than I thought. Even the judge was surprised at the dollar value of his drug transactions which continued after his incarceration. Which means whoever he was selling drugs for, were OK with his murder of Britney until he was actually convicted. Then they turned on him. Big surprise.

Two more women the Hells Angels killed which they can't deny are Michele Uyeyama and Lisa Chamberlain. Michele Uyeyama was Eugene Uyeyama's new wife. Eugene was a police informant that cause a large drug bust tied to Hells Angels associates selling crack in east Vancouver September 1995. Christmas 1995 they killed the informant and his innocent wife. They even brought Christmas gifts from "the Boys". Cans of gasoline to burn the house down after they murdered the informant and his wife.

Ernie Ozolins on the other hand was no informant. He was a full patch member they kicked out and murdered so someone else could take over the business and steal his land from his family. They murdered his girlfriend Lisa Chamberlain along with him for no reason.

So Margo Compton, Michele Uyeyama and Lisa Chamberlain are three women the Hells Angels murdered that they cannot deny. They will deny Britney Irving but I have good reason to add her to the list along with Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic. People still ask me why I do this web site and blog and why I feel so passionate about it. If you can't understand by now, I can't explain it. It is what it is. As Martin Luther King once said, no lie can live forever.

As one blog reader pointed out Nancy Christensen in Nova Scotia is yet another. Jeff Lynds admitted to killing Randy Mersereau for the Hells Angels. Randy had left the Hells Angels and continued drug trafficking when they forbade him to as a rival so they killed him as well as his brother and his brother's wife. Jeff testified that Les Greenwood did the hit on Kirk and Nancy for the Hells Angels and that the Hells Angels provided the guns for that murder as well.

In Quebec it was revealed in court that the primary business of the Hells Angels in Quebec during their drug turf war with the Rock Machine was drug trafficking. Every murder was approved by a committee. They contributed 10% of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers.

Locally Nicole Alemy is another woman we can add to the list. She was shot dead with her toddler in the car during the war between the UN and the Bacon brothers. Nicole was murdered after Ralph Baldini in follow up to the Surrey Six. It was all about killing rival drug dealers. Yet it is clear that the Hells Angels were supporting and supplying the Bacon brothers through Larry Amero at the time. Larry wasn't acting on his own he was on official club business. That's why they put him in charge of two drug trafficking rings in Montreal after he was shot in Kelowna.

Another blog reader sent in the name of Mary Ann Campbell from New York to add to the list. The New York Times reported that March 1978, the chapter president, Vincent (Big Vinnie) Girolamo was charged with throwing his girlfriend, Mary Ann Campbell, from the roof of the building to her death on the pavement below. He died while he was on bail before the case went to trial.

Which reminds me of Cynthia Garcia. Kevin J. Augustiniak, one of several members of the Hells Angels initially charged in Cynthia Garcia's death pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Paul Eischeid was arrested in Argentina awaiting extradition back to Arizona where he'll face a first-degree murder charge. Garcia was severally beaten, stabbed 27 times, partially decapitated, stuffed in a trunk and dumped in the desert. Kevin received a 23 year sentence.


  1. Don't for get Jeff Lynds had nancy Christensen killed when they took out Randy's brother Kirk in NS

  2. Good point, that's another case that is indisputable because Jeff plead guilty and said he did the hit for the Hells Angels. We should compile a list because there clearly has been many.

  3. If those two posts from Bryce and Rick C are fake then why have they not been deleted?

    I assume the posts are legit since they have not been deleted.

  4. I pictured Bryce as being a lot more intelligent than that and I certainly don't see him as such a flaming liar. Ricky C yes but Bryce no. There are a lot of strange things happening with that blog and I'll leave them to it. They know where to find me if they want me.

  5. Aside, another Judicial failure shows how they simply make foolish written excuses for putting Troubled youth back out on the street to do it again!
    Sean Tyler Quaye, the bus driver attacker just captured and charged, has this HISTORY - http://caselaw.canada.globe24h.com/0/0/british-columbia/supreme-court-of-british-columbia/2012/07/09/r-v-quaye-2012-bcsc-1111.shtml

    Read the ridiculous reasons for discharge, by the JUDGE!

  6. Big Vinnie Girolamo, huh? You mean this lovable psychopath at 2:53?


    1. Looks like him. Not the kind of guy I'd like to meet alone in a dark alley without a .357.

  7. He looks like something that crawled out of a pre-historic swamp - I'm sure he has the intellect to match.


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