Monday, April 21, 2014

Mom Boucher's Status

The Toronto Sun and CJAD are quoting a Journal de Montreal article claiming that Mom Boucher has been kicked out of the Hells Angels. I sincerely doubt it, but it's definitely worth looking into. QMI Agency is a good source. The question is, is it true or is it a propaganda campaign to help with his parole. It could just be his position was been suspended while in jail so someone else can resolve disputes between chapters while he's in jail.

The reason I find it hard to believe is because that was the whole point of the Rock Machine leaders crossing over right before he went to prison. So his friends would protect his political interests. Salvatore Cazetta became the Montreal president.

We know that Boucher became a member of the Hells Angels along with Bif Hammel after the Death Riders betrayal and take over shortly after Boucher got out of prison for armed rape. There have been reports that his influence has started to dwindle over the years. He was stabbed a second time in prison back in 2010. The first time he was stabbed there was swift retaliation. We haven't heard about any retaliation the second time.

I am however, very interested in finding out if the allegation is true. The article didn't say his leadership status was suspended while he's in prison it said he was kicked out as in bad standing. If that is true, then that is profound. Usually that would mean it came from his own chapter. I'm not sure what this East coast meeting is supposed to mean. There are no real chapters east of Quebec. The Hells Angels have been basically banned from Nova Scotia. They just have puppet clubs in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. No one with any authority over Boucher. Quebec has always been over them.


  1. The guy's never even looked anything like a biker. Not that look's mean much but just sayin.

  2. He's smart that way, not wanting to look like a biker.


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