Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don Quixote Tilting at Windmills

Don Quixote was a fictional character who had these delusions that windmills were monstrous giants and he would charge them like a knight in shining armor thinking he was saving the world from some great evil. The term tilting at Windmills is taken from that novel and means attacking imaginary enemies. Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about him.

So here I am. Just another crazed lunatic tilting at windmills. Harmless indeed. I'm still amazed at the spam I get claiming that Spike is a nice guy and the Hells Angels are just a motorcycle club. Wrong on both counts. The number of cocaine convictions tied to the Hells Angels is out of control. If you think Spike is a nice guy just ask Ernie Ozolins.

It's rather bizarre when they start sending in their women to spam me with their bullsh*t. You can tell they're women because they are actually intelligent and are trying to appeal to my logic instead of just saying f you agent gay. Yet their appeal concerns me. At this point they are either misinformed or are outright lying. I think it's a little of both.

Years ago Randy Iron's wife and I had a conversation about the Hells Angels. She went on about how the Hells Angels would never be involved with the Pickton Farm. At the time I just agreed to disagree but now there is enough evidence out there to prove that anyone who says that now is simply being dishonest. The Hells Angels had a grow op on site. They were the ones that ran Piggy's Palace not Robert or Dave. Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate and knew where the bodies were buried. Robert Pickton was inviting sex trade workers to biker parties on his farm with free booze and free drugs. There's more. Much more.

The number of cocaine convictions tied to the Hells Angels is at this point ridiculous. So please, don't insult my intelligence with all that bullsh*t. It is at this point offensive because it mocks the deaths of people like Bob Roth and Janice Shore. A poor man is better than a liar.


  1. "they are either misinformed or are outright lying".

    One word. Denial. Of course you have to figure that many of them are completely on side with the whole deal.

    The Hell's Angel's know full well the power of that word. As long as they deny, some folks will believe them, regardless how much evidence there is to the contrary. As well, the more often they repeat what they say, the more easily it is accepted as truth. "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose".

    Having something accepted as truth is not the same as changing reality of course, and no one but a complete fool is going to believe that anyone but his own "brothers" had Ernie Ozolins and his girlfriend Lisa Michelle Chamberlain murdered. Ernie gets mentioned a lot, but for some reason Lisa is forgotten. She is sometimes referred to as an ex-stripper, as if that would be relevant somehow.

    The women of the HA may wish to consider that case in this light. It's proof that if their man happens to be marked for elimination, they may have only a few seconds to realize that they will be catching the night train along with the man they chose to hitch their star to.

  2. I realize it’s denial but I’m wondering which kind. Sometimes people are in denial because they are afraid to face the truth. “Oh my husband’s not an alcoholic” when he really is. Other times they know the truth and spin it because they don’t want others to know the truth. They want to find rationalizations for living the life of luxury the drug money buys without thinking of all the lives it destroys.

    It’s like Dianne Watts. I spoke at that Casino meeting and she kept interrupting me and falsely accusing me of lying. I pointed out Gateway Casino’s massive debt restructure and she lied and said that wasn’t true when it was. I pointed out that gangs launder drug money at casinos in BC. Supporting mega casinos is supporting the gangs laundering drug money which feeds the gang war. It’s supporting the violence that they did to Janice Shore for a drug debt. Dianne Watts refused to listen to that argument but I still passionately believe it is true.

    You make a good point about Lisa. Another example of how an innocent family member was executed for no reason. Oh they would never go after someone’s family. Yet they have on many occasions. Isn’t it bizarre how after a woman has fallen out of favor with the Hells Angels they say oh she was just a stripper or just a drug addict. Ironic since they are the ones that took over the stripper agency and try to recruit women to become strippers. Ironic since they make money off the drugs they sell them which turns them into addicts. One minute is all strippers and blow and the next minute oh she’s just a stripper and a drug addict. Somewhat ironic indeed since they got rich by turning her into one.

    1. Were it up to me I would load every patched member, prospect, hang around, and active associate, as well as all other known members of gangs/organized crime in BC on a boat scheduled to become a new artificial reef, tow it out, and open the sea cocks.

      When/if asked, I would just say, "No, we didn't do that". :D

      My point being that the method is just a tool. Like a hammer or a screwdriver (or a gun for that matter) a tool can be used for either good or evil. Depends on the user and their motivation. We have the situation before us because we have foresworn the use of tools that would effectively address the problem. The HA succeed in their evil ways because they are willing to use violence to achieve their ends, and we fail because we are not. As such they will always prosper, until we realize the error of our ways we will never be able to show them theirs. Until that day, murders will walk among us, openly and proudly declaring who and what they are, when all the while it is within our power to end the victimization, human misery and death they feast on. They are few, we are many, and the "rough men that stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm" (Orwell) by which I mean the police and the military, would do this job very quickly if given society's permission.

      Imagine the immediate improvement in quality of life if every Hell's Angel were given a free one way ticket to the destination they have already chosen for themselves. Fish have to eat too.

    2. Yeah that's a little too Stalin for me. I think establishing them as a criminal org is good enough.


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